What Happened At The Old Windmill?

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While deciding to share their story, they had trouble after reflecting back to a moment in their life they would never forget. It happened to them about 32 years ago. This person wanted to remain anonymous. At the time, they were 9 years old. Everything that happened to them is true they claim.

This took place in England and their friend Chris was outside with them playing near an old windmill in the countryside. A lot of farmland is around this place and the property belonged to a family of farmers. The home on the property was run down and those who lived here before have since gone. The two children lived about two miles away from this place.

It seems the family that owned this farm, were still using this place to keep their pigs in throughout the year. There is a windmill here, that was more or less was an empty shell. It did have metal steps inside, that spun around reaching up to the very top. Also, a walkway was created to reach up high from one side to the other.

Their best guess was, this farmhouse wasn’t used since the early 1930’s. From the ruins of this place, there seemed to be only one way in and out. Everything inside was covered with cobwebs among dust everywhere. There was some furniture left that was either broken or rundown pretty badly. 

The very first room someone would see was a four poster type bed. It was made from raggedy materials and even hung down in pieces due to neglect. An old rolled up thin mattress was left as well. Both of the children played around here, by jumping up and down on the mattress. They even both would climb up to the second floor, due to the staircase being more or less destroyed.

One day, they were playing around inside of the old home. They went past the bed and then proceeded to sit down along the outside wall. They brought an apple to one of the pigs.

This person then explained that they looked back behind them and they noticed a four poster bed in all of its glory. This bed was made from good materials including fresh quilt, polished wood and billowing lace curtains around its frame. 

As they glanced over at the bed, there was a human skeleton that was propped up by pillows. It was dressed with a blue and white colored nightgown and matching nightcap.

This is when things took a turn for the weird. The skeleton then proceeded to turn its head and look over at them. It was unexplainable and creepily both of them were in the room for about a minute before either of them noticed this. There appeared to be no one else around but them. 

They didn’t think it was someone playing a trick like moving the skeleton with strings etc. They tapped their friend upon his shoulder, trying to get his attention. Chris was still focused on feeding the pig there. 

Moments later, they managed to get his attention and he turned around. Both of them then noticed the skeleton peering at them. However, it had no eyeballs, just empty sockets, but it certainly was facing their general direction.

They were both mesmerized with curiosity and fear after the skeleton’s jaw opened. The children then screamed at the top of their lungs in terror as they sprinted out of there as fast as they could. Those few miles back home seemed to pass by in mere moments. After getting back home, they told their mother about what had happened.  

Never again did they or their friend go back there until around 15 years later, when they returned with more adult friends later. As it turns out this former farm was being turned into a supermarket. 

No paranormal type activity was reported about either that they knew of. All of it didn’t make any sense. They pondered whether or not this was some kind of timeslip or something else entirely. However, they stand by their story and what happened. It was something they would never forget.

(Source: Reddit)

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