Maryland Archive

Ghostly Photo Taken Outside Second Floor Restaurant Window

Whatever this was, it didn’t appear to be human. A rather interesting photograph was taken outside of a restaurant named Bertha’s Mussels located in Baltimore, Maryland. This restaurant serves up seafood and also is a tavern. The place has been around since 1972. It is best known for the mussels and live music performances. However,

Unknown Figure Appears Next To Vacationers On Beach

There were three separate photos that were sent to The Crypto Crew, by someone named Bobbi. From what is understood, these photos were taken back on 8/14/16 at Assateague Island Beach, Maryland. Bobbi explained their son’s daycare provider took these interesting photos and shared them before passing away. The photos apparently were posted on Facebook.

Cursed Crackhead Chases Down Car In Maryland

Since the video was released, many have wondered what exactly happened on that night. It is believed that this took place somewhere in Maryland. One of the people in the car, was Ivan Williams, otherwise known as Lucci Da Boss. He is a rapper from Hyattsville, Maryland.  Others have called this person running alongside their

People Riding Roller Coaster Capture UFO On Camera

This astounding video, seems to show what resembles a UFO on camera. A group of friends and/or family were recording their roller coaster ride while on vacation. They inadvertently captured what appears to be some kind of flying saucer moving across the sky. Tailing not far behind this unknown spacecraft, looks like some kind of

Strange sounds are happening in Pennsylvania

Speculations are, something strange is happening underground in locations like Lehigh County and Bucks County, located in Pennsylvania. Seemingly during the late night hours of around 2:00-3:00 am, loud noises are being heard. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. All of this, has people puzzled and speculating all kinds of different