Norwegian Couple Discovers Viking Grave Under Their Bedroom

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One couple got more than they bargained for – after discovering an authentic Viking grave under their bedroom. When Marianne Christiansen and her husband from the Norwegian city of Bude decided to dismantle their floor, they were shocked and in awe of what they had found. 


The grave is estimated to be at least a 1000 years old, according to different sources. When the floorboards were torn out, there was a mound of stones there. These stones seemed to resemble that of a wheel from some kind of children’s toy. Also, an iron axe was discovered as well among the remains. One single glass bead was found here previously. Apparently, the floor was never lifted up until now, since the home was first built.

The couple were excited and definitely surprised at their find. Later, they decided to contact the  Norwegian district of Nordland, which is responsible for cultural heritage. The consensus by numerous archaeologists is, their home was built on top of an unknown grave site from the Viking Age. One specialist named Martinus Haugli, stated that this grave site dates back to the tenth century.

Archaeologist Martinus Hauglid said that the glass bead and iron items are likely from the late Viking Age, when Norway transitioned to Christianity and became one kingdom.

“We assume it dates back to the 9th century, probably a grave from the Viking Age. Now there is a group of archaeologists from Tromsø doing a survey, and they will bring all the finds north,” he told Bodø Nu. The iron items and bead are already at Tromsø University for further study.

The couple’s home was constructed back in 1914. In accordance to Norwegian law, any cultural monuments that show traces of human activity prior to 1537, are automatically preserved. So, it looks like they will have to find another place to live soon. A few experts from Tromsø museum visited the couple’s home the very next day after their shocking discovery. 

Archaeologists have since begun a full excavation at the home site. It is highly unusual to find a site like this under a house. However, a number of graves have been found around the country that date back to the Viking Age.

(Source: Anomalien and Forbes)

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