Dark fairies found around

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gargoyle statues

Small winged creatures have been discovered. What exactly they are is unknown. They seem to resemble dark looking fairies. Several bodies have even been preserved in formaldehyde. One of the specimens was found by a truck driver who had the presence of mind to gather the corpse and take it to a scientist they knew of. The other one which was found was picked up originally by a 13 year old Mexican boy, who later turned it over to journalist Jaime Maussan.

dark fairy corpse

The origination of these small winged creatures is known to be from Mexico. The exact location where they were found hasn’t been mentioned yet. These things resembled small sized gargoyle statues. They have been labeled dark fairies, but can be something else entirely. It is anyone’s best guess as to what they really are.

Skeptics can relax as there is actual physical evidence of these miniature flying fiends. A researcher named L.A. Marzulli spent a meticulous amount of time investigating this case. They are a well respected researcher and admit these are quite astonishing. Their small sized skeletons have even been X-rayed. Their appearance is rather gruesome and sinister like. Whether or not these are extraterrestrial is one speculation. Another thought is they are something biblical described in Revelation chapter 9 mentioning locusts of sorts plaguing Earth.

Winged display

The DNA is similar to that of a human. The percentage is that of 98.5% to us although they physically don’t match up to us. One scientist proclaims these are hybrids matching up to our DNA and used with something else entirely. They also believe these are neither good or evil, they have their own interest and purpose on Earth.

Strange bodies in basement

This is not a hoax as one researcher mentions in one video. This is something else completely. Perhaps this is one of the most thrilling finds in the modern era. However, this isn’t the only time something similar to this has been discovered.

Dark fairy split

A mysterious 19th century collector named Thomas Theodor Merrylin had several creatures displayed which resemble what was found in Mexico. He was a wealthy aristocratic and biologist. All of these findings were in his private basement in London. A museum of sorts has been established called Merrylin Cryptid Museum. Originally, the building and all of these were scheduled to be demolished in 1960 – to clear the way for a new residential neighborhood development. Thankfully this didn’t happen too quickly. The museum website can be found HERE.

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