Tale of the frightful fairy godmother

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There are certain things which happen, that nobody has a real answer for. These things are unknown and quite often, fall into the paranormal description of things. This startling tale, happened to a young man—who initially thought he was experiencing something friendly, but perhaps he was mistaken all along.

It all started, when he was a child and later he explained to his cousins, what was happening to him. What he told them, scared the bejesus out of them. What he told his cousins, also earned him a royal ass whipping by the hand of his father, as he struck him with the backside of his belt.

Now as an adult, he doesn’t mention anything about this to anyone, as he believe people will think of him as being crazy. He wishes to remain anonymous, as what he had to say is quite unreal to say the least.

During second grade, he woke up during one summer night. At first, this was like any other type of night, until he witnessed what appeared to be a woman floating through the window of his bedroom. He at first didn’t believe this was something threatening.

Tale of the frightful fairy godmother

He gathered up the courage to ask this thing, what it was doing there? To his surprise, this floating woman, did answer him, but it was as if his memory was simply erased to what she said. The very next morning, he couldn’t recall what she said or how she sounded. (even the tone of her voice)

Mimicking the voice of a child, he said: Well, you better get going, because my dad might wake up, and then he’ll be mad.”

This lady floated right out of the bedroom door, which was left slightly ajar. The boy went back to bed or so he thought. The very next day, he became rather excited. The boy believed that he had his very own fairy godmother nicknaming her “Crystal.”

As he wished for her to return, the thoughts in his head yelled out: “Please come back! Come back and wake me up at dawn, so we can talk!” Unbelievably, the very next morning, the boy awakened to the crack of dawn when his heart dropped after losing his breath hearing “I’m here.”

He remained as still as possible and was entirely freaked out by this point. He prayed crossing his hands, “Go away, go away, go away.” It was as if, she was inside of his every thought, he could feel her right by his head.

Child sleeping fairy godmother

After all of this, he sat there thinking…is all of this a mere nightmare of some sort? He believed he was simply hallucinating all of this, until the following happened.

The very next summer, he tells a friend that this is happening while he was out camping as well. This girl doesn’t believe a word of his babbling at first. It wasn’t until, both he and the girl were sleeping in the same tent, when she also heard the fairy godmother—speak not only the boys name, but hers as well.

As imagined, the girl leaves terrified and then told her parents later that day. She went to them both crying and sobbing. He got into trouble once again, for sharing his bizarrely strange story. It seems that he has become quite the ghost teller after all.

He admits that he tries not to think about all of this much anymore as it just can’t be explained by any rational means. He also said that he still feels scarred when left alone at night wondering if this dark fairy might whisper something else into his ear again.

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