Beast of Bray road

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Bray Road east side

When you travel down the road, you can’t help but be cautious. Mostly people are looking out for other drivers, people crossing the road or something that fell off a truck to watch out for. But what if there was something else entirely different there? This is what many people claimed to have seen on Bray Road located in Wisconsin.

The first recorded sighting happened back in 1936, on a rural road area outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. After this a number of reporting s featured a beast resembling that of a dog man and or werewolf looking monster. People were scared and panicked about this, some of them not able to even get out of their cars while traveling through the area. This cryptozoological creature was not only fast, but furry.

A woman named Doristine Gipson claimed to have encountered the creature first hand back on October 31st of 1999. While she was changing the radio station in her car, she suddenly hit something on Bray Road. Immediately she pulled over on the shoulder of the road.

Bray Road

To her astonishment, she noticed a dark hairy creature rushing towards her as it then fell over on its side. It had been raining during the day and it was in the evening when this happened so, the lighting wasn’t good enough to see clearly. She decided (even though she was scared) to wander over towards whatever this thing was.

To her astonishment, she noticed a beast with grayish brown hair with fangs and pointed ears. This wasn’t no bear, it resembled more of a wolf only it seemed to try and stand up on its hind legs struggling from its injuries. She immediately turned around got into her car and drove away. The next day she noticed scratch marks on her car. It was damaged with claw markings along the sides of it.

(Girl scared to get out onto Bray Road)
Other reports include people mentioning something which looked like Bigfoot it was large standing upwards on 7 feet. It looked more wolf-like and was estimated to weight between 400-700 pounds. Again, the color matched the previous encounter by Doristine with the beast being gray in appearance. No doubt this was the same creature.

Another woman named Lorraine Endrizzi reported this same beast when she drove along the side of the road. As she slowed down, she thought it was a person hunched over kneeling down, to her surprise it was something else entirely. The eyes of the beast seemed yellow in their reflection. Numerous sightings have occurred throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s about the creature. The actual road is north of Lakeland Hospital along the old county poor farm. Apparently an insane asylum was not far from here long ago.

Beast on Bray road cryptid

Back in 2002, a film did surface which was made in the 1970’s. Known as the Gable film, it showed children riding snowmobiles. Also it showed a man washing his truck and at the end of the film the cameraman pans over to show what looks like a bulky ape-wolf-like creature on all fours. This is the only evidence known to exist about this creature captured. However, this film has since been deemed a fake.

Unicorn spotted in the wild
The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage

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