Legends of the Little People’s Village

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Believed to be a popular folk tale, to those who live in this area, this remote spot is nestled away in the woods, not far from Connecticut’s Middlebury. Known as Little People’s Village, this place is a series of crumbling doll-sized homes and structures. From what is known, this place was tailored towards little people, who once called this place home. The village, is actually just beyond the line of Waterbury.

Little Peoples Village house Connecticut

While the structures are pint-sized, some of them were pretty elaborately built by little people it is believed. According to The Middlebury Connecticut Historical Society, Harold J. West Jr., found a 1939 article from the Waterbury Republican-American. In this scrapbook, was information mentioning this village. The origination of this place, dates back to one of Helen Benson’s Middlebury scrapbooks.

After this discovery, the mystery about the village came into place. Dating back to 1920, William J. Lannen, a Naugatuck native, decided to open a gas station on Middlebury Road known as Lannen’s gas station. This road happens to be one of the major roads connecting both Waterbury and Middlebury. Due to the terrain, the road previously curved around what is now known as Pine Rock. From this point, the road spewed out south, about 100 feet away from the intersection known as route 64 and 63 today.

It seems that the gas station was successful for a while, up until 1928, when the state of Connecticut began rebuilding roads around this area. Roads were then stretched and straightened out once Route 14 came along. Explosives were used to blast through heavy rock and hillsides. From such a severe change, by the time the early 1930’s came around, there were very few automobiles passing through this area. This led to the business eventually closing down. What was left behind, was some interesting architecture.

Later, William Lannen marred Elizabeth Kennedy of Naugatuck in 1936. Desperately in need of work to live and with World War II about to happen, the gas station was soon abandoned. It seems that this toy village was planned to be a nursery afterward.

As time passed, the village remained dormant and then was sold off back in 1958. The property was sold again later, sometime in the early 1960’s. Today, the land is privately owned. The current owner, fearing for people’s safety, wishes people to not to wander the area, as they may get injured.

Little Peoples Village house

Over the years, rumors about this place continued to spread. The couple who lived here, allegedly began to see small fairy folk in the woods, around their home. The couple themselves were believed to be witches in their own right.

Out of concern, the wife demanded that the fairy folk, would have their own place to frolic. Her husband constructed these small buildings, so that the fairies would be appeased. It was believed, that this enchanting little town, turned to madness for the couple after time passed them by.
While there are other variations of stories about the Little People’s Village, another version insists that the husband heard voices whispering to him from the fairies.

Ruins of the Little Peoples Village

They told him to build the village so that they would be happy. Eventually, the man killed himself unable to cope with the voices any longer.
People who visit here, insist that the spirits of these fairies and people now continue to haunt the area being bound by negative forces. Some people have claimed that if you linger here long enough, you too will hear the voices of the little people eventually leading to your own demise.

Throne Little Peoples Village

Likewise, if someone were to sit on the throne seen here, then they would inevitably die 7 years later from the carved curse left behind by the bewitched builder.

People also think, that the Little People’s Village, was merely an elaborate attraction of sorts. This place being built in the early part of the 20th century, was known as “The Fairy Village”. Those who have previously owned the property were entrepreneurs interested in making a few bucks on the side, with their little roadside attraction. It lasted for a while, but was eventually forgotten.

Those brave enough to come here, must tread cautiously, due to the condition of the place, it is easy enough to get seriously injured or perhaps cursed.

(Source: Middlebury Connecticut Historical Society and Damned Connecticut)

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