The Deep Web darkness

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deep web

Lurking within the darkest part of the internet is the deep web. Here you will find an array of underworld offerings at your fingertips. Tread carefully using special browsers and keep yourself anonymous as you are exposed to a rather dangerous environment online.

There are countless stories about the deep web. Some of them seem made up – while others are mind numbing to even think about. If you search further, you will find lists of things people have used this black market style web to get accomplished. Everything from assassinations to drug purchases. Snuff films, crush porn and more has been made showing torture in every form.

The deep web isn’t like the web in which we use everyday. This place dwells deep away from the mainstream of society. The darkness of the deep web is the content which people search for. There are many niches in which people even pay to see someone tortured (and even killed in some cases as human sacrifices). If your curiosity gets the best of you, then prepare yourself properly. The best thing to do is avoid it all together.

the deep web
The deep web cannot be indexed by search engines aside from various information and sites people have stumbled upon and written about. Make no mistake, there are some sites which exist that you do not want to discover. Many people have had their identities stolen and have been victims of different crimes. Underground organizations such as the mafia are assumed to use the deep web as a communication tool.

While their are certain dangers, the freedom of using this information is ultimately up to the user and what they do with their discoveries in the darkest part of the internet. The illegal services provided are disturbing to most everyone who wanders deep enough.

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