The Allagash Abduction

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The men

This incident happened many years ago, four men (two of them brothers) would experience something that would change their lives forever. Known as “The Allagash Abduction”, these men would find out something otherworldly would shape the rest of their lives. This story was featured on both the Unsolved Mysteries television series and The History Channel among others.

To date, this story still resonates with many as being both believable and disturbing. Where this happened is located in the state of Maine. The date was August of 1976, four men decided to vacation together to escape the hustle and pollution of the city. All of them are avid fishermen, they heard about a spot which was ideal for night fishing. Known as Eagle Lake, this spot is filled with great panoramic scenery stretching as far as the eye can see.

Eagle Lake

They were getting low on supplies especially food, so they decided to try again to catch some fish in the lake during the night. The only thing they caught later was a glimpse of something rather extraordinary. Thinking ahead, they built a rather large campfire to mark their way back easier. It worked as they could quite easily see their way back. They were on a small size boat, tired and getting ready to give up, when suddenly they noticed a bright light in the sky.

The intensity of this light was overwhelming, it was brighter than a nighttime star. Whatever this was, they estimated it being well over 80 feet in diameter. This object quickly approached them after Charlie Foltz decided to use his flashlight to signal it. This object made no noise which was rather puzzling to them. Whatever this thing was, it had some form of intelligence able to move so quickly towards them.

Allagash Abductions

They began to fell uncomfortable so started frantically paddling back to their campsite. This strange bright light engulfed the men on the boat. The next thing they knew, they were all standing rather confused back near the camp. It didn’t strike them as odd until later. An amount of time had passed, the campfire was nearly burned completely out.

It wasn’t until years later when the men began communicating to one another about strange dreams each of them had. All of them eerily similar, they each described in detail the setting they were at. It was some sort of alien ship with what are known as “The Grey” aliens. There were larger sized alien creatures which stood taller than the rest and those seemed to be in charge. These things had large metallic glowing eyes, insect-like hands with four larger fingers.


Jack Weiner was the first of the men to start having nightmares. Later Chuck Rak, Jim Weiner and Charlie Foltz. All of them sought psychiatric treatment for what they were experiencing. All of their sketches matched up, they had been experiencing strange dreams for quite a while. They also met with a hypnotist named Anthony Constantino and the hypnotist mentioned it was the most intense series of sessions they had ever done before. Whatever happened to them was rather extraordinary and further documents extra terrestrial encounters.


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