Elisa Lam found inside a water tower

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Her name is Elisa Lam. What actually happened to her still remains a mystery to date. The peculiar behavior she exhibited (captured on video while inside an elevator) is most unsettling. Speculations vary, many think she was suffering from some sort of paranoid schizophrenia.

If you watch the video, pay attention to what she does with her hands at 1:57. This young Chinese Canadian woman was born on April 30th, 1991. She clearly seems haunted by something. Her possible disorder may have led her to depression; which explains her apparent suicide.

The autopsy suggests that no drugs or alcohol were found in her body. The video shows her troubled by something yet nothing else is seen on camera visually. Frantic and frightened by something she is seen for nearly four minutes in this disturbing video.

First discovered by a maintenance worker at the Cecil Hotel located in downtown Los Angeles back on February 19th, 2013. Guests at the hotel complained later about the water tasting and smelling strangely. Her body decomposed inside a water tower located atop of the hotel roof.

Elisa Lam

What was ruled an accident, still doesn’t explain how she got inside the water tower which is 15 feet high and was locked. The opening was rather small as well. She was found naked and the fire department had to cut a squared hole into the tank to retrieve her corpse.

The hotel staff noticed that she was alone, Katie Orphan (manager at a nearby bookstore) was the only person who recalled seeing Elisa Lam the day she went missing. Katie mentioned: She was outgoing, very lively, very friendly while purchasing books as gifts for family and friends.

Police thoroughly searched the hotel as much as possible. They conducted a search through Lam’s room using dogs to track any unusual scents. Sgt. Rudy Lopez mentioned: We didn’t search every room, we only do that if we had probable cause.

elisa lam

After further examination, it would have been astonishing for her to have gained access through several alarmed doors. No alarms were triggered the day of her demise. Perhaps a paranormal presence is responsible for this attack on her. Lam was the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong who opened a restaurant located in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby.

Back on February 6th, a week after Lam first disappeared, the Los Angeles Police Department concluded more help was needed. Many paper flyer’s and television announcements were made on her behalf. The media picked up the story from then onward.

More about the hotel can be read  here: The disturbing history of The Cecil Hotel

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