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Paranormal Investigator Dials 911 After Hearing Unexplained Graveyard Voice

It happened in Springhill Township located in Pennsylvania, which has a population of around 2,800 people. One paranormal investigator decided to call 911 out of fear for life. Frantically, they reached for their phone as they glanced around a cemetery. Some might think they were only seeking attention, but this investigator claims that something non-human

Guy Captures Shadow Person With His Camera Phone

When we see things like this, they are often rather questionable. Sometimes they are real head scratchers and this is another example of this. Ever since this video was posted back on December 16, 2016 people have been wondering if this is actually real or not.  The video first starts out with a man from

There Was Something Outside My Window

An anonymous person shared their story. Normally, they don’t believe in ghosts or anything else like that. However, on this night, things would be different for them. It was getting darker and the day was overcast mostly. She explained her dog was around this evening. This woman’s husband worked late night hours and his shift

Pennsylvania Trail Camera Captures Snapshot Of Bigfoot

There isn’t much information about this, yet what is known about the photo is Bigfoot was allegedly recorded by a trail camera setup in the northwestern part of Pennsylvania. What resembles a tall dark hairy beast, can be seen in the single photograph.  The occurrence happened this year in 2019. The exact location wasn’t disclosed.

Arrested Pennsylvania Man Fires Gun At Fireflies, Thinking They Were Alien Invaders

After freaking out at what they had seen, one Pennsylvania man along with his girlfriend had one unforgettable evening. Inevitably, Jesse Shields along with his girlfriend Katherine McCloskey, experienced something at night, that made them question what was happening around them. Fearing for their lives, they became scared. All around them, were green lights everywhere