Former CIA Agent Says Aliens Abduct About One Million People A Year

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One former CIA agent named Derrel Sims, has personally reviewed more than two thousand cases of alien abduction, over his 38 year career. His research revealed physical evidence involving people who claimed to be abducted by extraterrestrials.

Sims also previously worked as a military police officer. Over time, he later became a ufologist, investigating strange alien abduction experiences specifically. He shared his thoughts about this subject on UAMN TV’s YouTube channel

Sims recalls extreme cases such as one woman who had a scar all the way from her chest to her umbilical cord. However, she never could remember anything about it. Perhaps her memory was erased intentionally by an alien entity. 

According to Sims, there are seven different types of aliens among us in the world. These include your typical gray aliens and among alien reptilians. Some of these species, were literally created on Earth based upon human DNA. 

After someone has been abducted, they will either transition smoothly without recourse. Others will have a much more difficult time adjusting after their abduction. A recurring theme seems to happen as people cannot account for lost time.

It can be argued, that around 5% to 6% percent of the general population has been abducted, some of them don’t even realize they ever were. People can sometimes recall strange dreams or feel like they have been on another world or spaceship. Quite possibly, they really have.

The targeting of specific individuals seems to be precise. Some people were rejected for study due to medical reasons. Those over the age of 40, likely wouldn’t be taken. These alien entities seem to target younger people, as their bodies are in better condition. 

Abducted By An Alien

For example, recently one young woman named Stephanie shared her experience online on The Black Vault.

“I just created an account. I have a respectable, professional job. I don’t sit at home trying to find ways to create fake alien stories. I decided to share this story to see what feedback I can get and if someone had something similar happen to them. I am also thinking about going to a hypnotherapist and possibly a general mental health therapist altogether to see what sense they can make.” 

OK so here goes:

“I was 15 in my room sleeping with the TV on. My room was dark and I was wearing blue silk floral pajamas. I was abruptly woken from my sleep. I’m a very light sleeper. I heard a scratching noise. I would describe the noise as someone with nails scratching against a sheet. I woke up to see something on the side of my bed. I remember it was short. Mind you it was very dark in my room, and I had a rather small TV. I wear glasses normally and am near sighted. My vision pretty much sucks and I can’t see little details of anything without my glasses. 

I did not understand what was going on and couldn’t make sense of it. I just stared. Abruptly this thing was now staring at me. Without a sound, without me seeing it actually move it was facing me. I could only see the outline of it. My little TV was behind it. It had wild hair. I grasped out to touch it thinking “Is this really happening?” and it felt like very baggy shirt, the hair was straight and fine. The top where I assume to be the head was the only place I felt the hair but it was like an enormous amount of it. The arms were long.  I’m 5’4 and this thing must have been half my size. Underneath the hair I felt two protruding bumps. I remember thinking this is weird. There was no noise. There was absolute silence. My TV was muted before I fell asleep. 

Without any warning I felt a force that I could not control. I was abruptly on my back. There was an enormous weight on me preventing me from moving. No noise, no sound of any sort. This thing hovered over my lower body where my uterus was. I felt two sharp points against my groin where my ovaries are.  In my head the pain was unbearable and I could barely breathe, gasp or scream. It was hard to find my voice. I couldn’t speak. I was just thinking “GOD.”

I was clinging on each side of the bed to every second waiting for it to end. And when it did, this thing had vanished. I didn’t even see it go. My tv was still on. I ran out of my room and found my dad outside in the room next door. I asked him to come in and check my room. I found it hard to explain what happened, and I also thought I was going completely crazy. My dad is not the type to believe in ghosts, aliens–nothing. He was a cop, and a good one.

Sixteen years later and I haven’t been able to get this out of my mind. I wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience like this.”

Typically, there are different stages that take place when someone is abducted. 

First they are captured, then examined. 

After this, they are communicated with including telepathically. 

The abductees are then given a tour of the spaceship intentionally or not. 

The person then experiences a loss of time. 

The abductee is then returned back to Earth, sometimes in a different location from where they were taken. 

Abductees are then left longing for a profound sense of love or a “high” comparable to that of a drug addiction. They crave something in their life, that they sometimes can never fulfill. 

Then the abductee has to deal with the aftermath of everything for the rest of their natural lives.

While it is difficult to believe that so many people are abducted, it may explain why some people behave bizarrely sometimes. Perhaps they haven’t been able to overcome what happened to them, when they were taken.

Every year, there are more cases reported it seems. While some of them are far fetched, some of them are rather questionable.

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