Google maps app captures alien abduction

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Are alien abductions actually happening in the world? This man believes he has evidence of being abducted. A man named John Mooner, happened to come across some rather extraordinary images. He was experiencing technical problems while using his Google Earth App.

He remembered an event which happened last year. You see, Mooner proclaimed he witnessed a UFO sighting. As he continued to use the Google Earth program, he was speechless by what he discovered.

Fist fight with alien Google maps

The satellite captured footage of an alien abduction. If you look carefully, he said you can see him trying to fight off the attacker. He believes this was the work of a particular grey alien species. He is seen swinging his arm towards the face of the extraterrestrial. (It does appear as if he was able to swing towards the face of the alien) Mooner said, it intercepted his attack and then grabbed his fist. He stated that the alien must have somehow subdued him possibly with a mental type ability.

He doesn’t recall the actual fight in detail, as this was a moment which has become a mental lapse for him. Like many of these type of encounters, these victims don’t remember great details immediately. Sometimes, it can come back to them in their dreams or while under hypnosis of a trained professional.

Mooner said that he experienced sporadic episodes throughout last year in 2016, he felt like something was off. It was as if he was missing time, there was a gap in things where he couldn’t remember exactly.

Incredible Alien Abduction Captured By Satellite

Mooner then said that the UFOs in the sky he had witnessed—were in formation and hovering at different altitudes. All of the UFOs were shaped the same and each of them, emitted a green light while leaving behind a red glowing contrails. Several of the other UFOs also began to glow with a white type of energy unlike he had ever seen before.

Nellis Air Force Base UFO

By comparison, these looked quite similar to those UFOs seen flying over Nellis Air Force Base located in the state of Nevada.

Google maps UFOs over neighborhood

John Mooner was completely left speechless when he found these images of himself on screen. John is totally convinced that these photos are incontrovertible proof, that he was abducted by some kind of alien species. Whether or not Mooner will remember further details is unknown. There are many reports of alien abductions happening around the world. Perhaps John Mooner is onto something, as more details unfold about his abduction experience.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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