USA soldiers vanish after discovering ancient machine

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8 USA soldiers disappear inside Afghan cave

In Afghanistan, an incredible discovery has been found. Deep inside a cave, eight United States soldiers made their way inside never to be found again. These soldiers were apparently on a scouting mission. The discovery they made inside is known as a vimana.

This word has a number of meanings, which range from temple or palace to a mythological flying machine that was described in Sanskrit epics. These machines are believed to have been used in wars both by sea and air.

Sanskrit, the Mahabharata

There is an estimation about this discovery, mentioning the vimana hidden inside this cave has been there for 5,000 years. The device is said to have some type of energy barrier preventing troops from removing it.

The entire incident is certainly questionable, however many world leaders of the western world have been making trips to Afghanistan in hopes to learn more. This is a red flag, because most likely the military forces will want to harness its power for warfare, which is the last thing we need right now in the world. With sudden interest in this story, it has been floating around the internet recently. Military scientists explained this machine as being entrapped inside what is known as a “time well”.

No further report has been made yet, about the eight missing military soldiers. More than likely, this will be swept under the rug and covered up with some other type story. After reading the Sanskrit, the Mahabharata is now known to be measured as being twelve cubits in its circumference.

Vimana found

This vimana machine also has four wheels attached to it, which are quite strong by their appearance. A projectile type weapon seems to be one of its abilities. Another reading mentions, this deadly machine has a shaft of light which when focused upon any target—it will consume it with its power.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these said reports, are that they were just recently discovered. However, this may not be the case. From the ancient writings which were found inside the cave—the rightful owner is believed to be a prophet named Zoroaster.

They are known to be a leader, practicing an ancient religion known as Zoroastrianism. The religion is considered one of the oldest religions on Earth, by the Iranian people from exalting their deity of wisdom known as Ahura Mazda which means “Wise Lord”. The belief is, that this was a supreme being of some sort and only the truly faithful dedicated themselves.

(Source: 7 Tales)

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