California alien abduction captured by GoPro camera

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This fascinating footage, allegedly is from an alien abductee from January 3rd, 2018. This video description, mentions that this entire encounter was captured by a voice activated GoPro camera. However, one comment made mention, that GoPro cameras don’t have analog glitches as seen. Regardless of this, the footage seen, is disturbing to watch. Music and sound effects were also added to the video, to make it seem more intense.

Alien abduction captured by a GoPro camera at night

From what is known, the entire encounter happened somewhere in California this year. A subscriber, sent the video footage to the YouTube channel UFO Today. The abductee is believed to be male and doesn’t remember this particular encounter.

After he had awakened, he was in an entire different surrounding than what he could recall from before. This really started to bother him and is the reason he started carrying around his GoPro camera for protection and documentation. His memories were only fractured bits and pieces of things, that he could remember. He believes and feels that he has been abducted numerous times from before.

What an alien abduction looks like

This man found himself in a complete different surrounding than where he last remembered. When he became conscious, he woke up in a nearby field. Realizing what he actually captured, he decided to upload his video footage online to share what happened to him.

In several of the fragmented scenes, it seems that possibly other people were there with him. Perhaps even a group of people were with these extraterrestrial entities. To watch this video, it is best to slow it down frame by frame to see what is happening. The cuts are fast paced making it difficult to determine things. The man mentioned that he couldn’t believe what he had captured as he played back his video. He did recognize his own voice however as he is heard screaming in terror in certain moments.

Alien abduction captured by a GoPro camera

This video he believes will help other abductees come forward who recall even just a mere moment of their abduction experience. From this video, he hopes that others will learn more about what is really going on in the world. If anyone has any answers contact the UFO Today channel or us. Perhaps someone out there knows more about this paranormal encounter.

One comment mentioned “Fake propaganda to discourage the latest CE-5 movement and UFOs going mainstream news.”

Jokingly, another person added: “The entire state of California has been abducted by Illegal Aliens.”

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