Do People’s Cremation Ashes Invite Them to Stay?

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A morbid thought, yet an intriguing one. Some believe, that when someone dies and their body has been cremated, their spirit seems to linger longer in this world. Quite typically, people are buried in cemeteries when they die. However, for whatever different reasons, some are cremated.

Due to burial costs or the wishes of the lost loved one, this tends to happen more often than realized. The remains of their body, are kept inside of an urn, a vase used for storing the ashes of the cremated person.

urn at night

When someone experienced great tragedy in their life, their spiritual ascension can be a slow one. It is believed, that these spirits can stay behind, quite often acting as guardians to the living sometimes. Perhaps even, there is a divine reason for all of this.

Spirit left behind in world

Those who have lost a loved one, may keep a remembrance of them, in places that aren’t typically used, such as an aesthetic type option, for keeping ashes within the house. People have some options, when setting up a shrine of sorts for their lost loved one. Sometimes, although not often, what is known as a scattering urn, are used for spreading the ashes of the person.

Before someone decides to scatter their loved ones ashes, a small portion is often kept as a keepsake or pendant. Other options include, someone having their ashes blown into glass. This is transformed into a vase or a smaller-sized paperweight. Gemstones are used sometimes as well. Although unusual, someone’s ashes are mixed into paint and later used to create a portrait for the deceased loved one.

Spirit of solace

People will often find a special place, where their lost loved one enjoyed being and spread their ashes there. It is thought, that their spirit can find a sense of peace there. However, if the person was wrongfully murdered or died with such anguish, then their spirit cannot yet be set free. This leads to haunting s of these locations, including homes and other specific areas.

Gardens among graveyards, are used quite often for places to spread ashes. The rather tranquil surroundings, are thought to bring reassurance to the spirit of the deceased. People think differently and there are those who would prefer to have even the remains of their loved one close by them.

Because of this, people keep urns inside of their homes as well. Closets or even display cabinets, are sometimes used. Sometimes it’s a matter of family members coming together. After they reach their decision, they will find solace as they pay tribute to their lost loved one.

(Source: One World Memorials)

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