Restless Spirit Answers Toddler In Kitchen

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Heard in this video, may actually be proof of a talking spirit. If you listen carefully in the video at 0:29, a voice can be heard muttering the name “Ryan”. Often spirits can interact with young children and animals. This is due to them being innocent. Their spirit is not yet tainted by the ways of the world. Seemingly, both good and bad spirits attempt to make contact with them.

Jondiane Avery is the father and posted this extraordinary video online, which dates back to 2012 on YouTube. It has amassed nearly 2 million views ever since.

Toddler talks with spirit in kitchen

Jondiane posted, “Our son Avery at 22 months old was talking to someone who we can only assume is a spirit, judging by the interaction and playfulness. My wife asks Avery who is talking to, and after the 4th time asking a voice comes through and says ‘Ryan’. Listen closely. This is absolutely real, and to my knowledge the first time this has been captured perfectly on video. This will make non believers believe”.

In the video, viewers can clearly hear both the mother and son. It is unknown if there was someone else standing off camera whispering any voices. Like many videos such as these it is difficult to believe them.

This video is quite interesting, as their child really seems fascinated by something there in the kitchen. It is unknown where there home is, but it is assumed to be somewhere in the United States. Perhaps even, this home location has a past history of some kind, as a restless spirit may well be lingering there.

This entity may have attempted to make contact with the living for whatever different reason. Other thoughts about this include this being a demonic type presence, there is much that we don’t understand in our world. It is easy to speculate many things.

Avery was a young child at the time and like many children, their imagination is very active as they try to understand things around them. Children are like sponges as they absorb language and human interaction as they try to communicate themselves.

Known as animism, this is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Was this nothing more than the boy muttering the word “Ryan” as his imagination got the better of him? Perhaps so, yet the the voice seems fairly distinctive, much like an older child or an adult.


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