Doctor performs autopsy on alien he found in woods

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The following footage shows a man who is supposed to be a doctor. His name is Dr. Jonathan Reed (a psychologist with a PhD) and what he is examining appears to be an alien creature on video. This has been floating around for a while now. It is documented to have happened back on October of 1996 in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. It was on the 15th of the month and he apparently crossed paths with an unusual looking spacecraft. He managed to capture a photograph of this, aside from the autopsy that he documented on video.

The entire thing seems rather fake by many people, but giving it the benefit of the doubt, it is feasible to think that something such as this could actually happen at some point in time, with all of the UFO sightings and aliens which have been reported about throughout history.


According to Dr. Reed, he was out in the forest walking his dog one day not far from where he lives. He then stumbled onto this extraordinary sighting of an alien spacecraft. Not only did he find the spacecraft seemingly hovering above the ground, but he then discovered an extraterrestrial creature at the site. Later, he brought the creature back for examination after striking it with a log which he found nearby.


He mentioned that the force was strong enough to decapitate the alien. Why he did this is because he felt like he was being threatened—after the alien vaporized his dog Suzy with a weapon of some sort. If someone first encountered an alien visitor, one would think to first try and make contact with it—before laying waste to it. Did the doctor do something to provoke the alien? This is no doubt, one of the strangest UFO/alien encounters ever documented to date.

The doctor decided to keep this to himself initially after discovering both the spaceship and the alien. His curiosity got the best of him as he seemed fearful and panicked while he is clearly heard breathing heavily while examining the alien creature.


Dr. Reed mentioned:

“So this event has very little middle ground. You either find this ridiculously fake or you feel this is the closest thing to contact we have ever had. “Neither is wrong, but the debate continues decades after the event happened. “So please do not take offense if I am a bit… brutally honest with this.”

The doctor has appeared on some television shows and some conferences around the world. This may well point to this being a publicity stunt of sorts for him. What makes this also quite strange is that after the doctor examined the corpse of the alien creature it later escaped according to him.

Later, the doctor started getting attention from government agents who would show up at his doorstep. Most people might know them best as “The Men in Black”.

He then said that these same agents tried to kill him but didn’t go into detail about it only that they wiped his identity and he was forced to live underground off the radar for quite some time. His story has since been under much scrutiny and the photos and books by him were nothing more than fake rubber dummies and props. At least that is what is stated to the public anyway.

(Source: Express and Mirror)

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