Alien abduction photos captured on cell phone

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Alien photos

So many stories have been mentioned about alien abductions. Nothing has been documented well perhaps not until now. A woman from Ontario, Canada claims she actually has photographs of an extraterrestrial encounter. There are a total of 40 or so pictures, yet only 10 were shared online. The anonymous woman claims she was in her house all alone. Her decision to remain anonymous was to avoid being personally ridiculed over this extraordinary experience.

The only thing that was clear to her (of what she remembered) was lighting a cigarette off her kitchen stove the night before. It was only then she blacked out completely. She mentioned she had intense pain in her head and then remembers waking up on her living room floor, curled up in a fetal position.

Strangely her boyfriend was still there, however he was sleeping outside in a van. He remembered nothing nor did he see anything unusual around. Perhaps his memory was erased in this altercation and didn’t remember even going outside getting inside his van. As she wandered back into her kitchen, she noticed one of her cigarettes lying on the floor—along with a lottery scratch ticket which she had purchased from the night before.

After a while, she decided to check her cell phone, it was then she found 40 incredibly strange images that neither her or her boyfriend remember taking. This is when both of them started freaking out about the night before. They both couldn’t remember anything and neither of them had been drinking. (they admitted they weren’t suffering from a hangover)

Alien on couch

Many of these odd photos feature blurry lights and strange illuminations. There is one photo which stood out from the rest, it seems a humanoid type creature was seen laying down fast asleep. It resembles that of a human shape. Astonished they both had no idea who this could have been or if it was something else entirely as the quality of the photo isn’t very good either.

If this was really a hoax of some sort, why did she keep her identity hidden? This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Dazed and confused she doesn’t remember any of these moments from the night. One scenario could be this isn’t something extraterrestrial as it could be something else like a demonic force at work. Perhaps this is a cover-up of something else entirely. As time passes, their thoughts may come back to them of what really happened that night.

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