Man prepares for alien reptilian invasion after “phone call” from President Trump

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A man located in Tacoma, Washington was eager to end the lives of alien reptilians living among us. Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and handgun, he was determined.

In total, the man had 172 rounds of ammo ready to be used, including the extra magazines of ammunition he had with him. A lone state trooper arrived on the scene first, when the man was spotted waving his gun around along the side of the roadway.

Image: Pierce County Sheriff's Department

Image: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

Not long afterward, a number of troopers and deputies also arrived at the scene.The man put the guns back into his Jeep. He was then ordered to the ground, where he began to scream about “sending in the news” and “the lizard people,” the Sheriff’s Department reported.

This unnamed 55-year-old Eatonville man, armed himself after mentioning that President Donald Trump had called to warn him about the alien reptilian invasion. It was confirmed later, that this 55 year old man, was sent for a hospital treatment and a mental health evaluation afterward. This man went on to say, that President Trump’s family had been kidnapped by “lizard people”. He then mentioned something about an “alpha dragon leader”.

Immediately, the man resisted being arrested as officers tried to handcuff him. Unfortunately, officers had to use Taser on the man, to subdue him according to the Sheriff’s Department. More information was soon released. According to a report, the man had snorted methamphetamine to lose weight. He was also taking a prescribed dosage of the morphine drug.

The entire incident started just after 8 p.m. on Saturday, as eyewitnesses watched this suspicious meandering man, park his Jeep Cherokee along 108th Street South and Pacific Avenue South located in Parkland.

Alien reptilian invasion phone call by President Donald Trump

This man said: “The meth doesn’t make me crazy, man.The lizard people are real!” After speaking with an officer, he said that President Trump called him at his home located in Eatonville. He warned about these lizard people and the alpha dragon leader, which had taken his family hostage.

While asked about why this man had left his vehicle, he stated that this entire incident would help spread a commotion, so that the media would cover the reptilian news story – helping to warn people about what is really going on.

Undoubtedly, this entire event has sparked rumors of a cover up operation, taking place by higher up government officials. Whether or not he is crazy, desperately seeking attention or in fact legitimate with his intentions is unclear…as this is left to mere speculation.

(Source: Komo News)

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