Musician Photographs Ghostly Manifestation At The Austin Paramount Theatre

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Not long ago, a man posted an intriguing photograph, inside the Austin Paramount Theatre. It seems some kind of manifestation appeared upstairs within the buildings balcony.

There appears to be a woman figure standing upstairs looking down upon the concert stage. Chad Lawson posted this on his Instagram account days ago. He has since received a number of comments about it.

Who knows of this was a ghost or just someone wandering in. It is difficult to see details, as the photo was taken from so far away. When Chad looked back at his photos, he noticed the mystery figure standing there. One person commented saying, they found another figure sitting in one of the other shots.

This most unusual looking apparition, appears to have long dark hair with a long dress on. It is all but impossible to tell further details from this distance away. Speculations have run rampant about this, as many believe this to be a ghostly entity that appeared. Did this person die here? Or, perhaps they just love music a lot.

The Paramount Theatre is a live performance and movie theatre located in downtown Austin, Texas. It is managed by the Austin Theatre Alliance. Chad explained that he took three  quick-tap photos from the stage. He said, “In the photo, you can clearly see someone in the mezzanine. Noticing it, I looked at the first and third pics and the person is absent.”

Later on, Chad realized that what he captured on camera on the upper floor, is a ghost that has been seen before over the years. This lady in white, hasn’t been identified yet but likely is haunting the building for whatever reason. Chad also said he didn’t get too much sleep after seeing this. So, who is she a ghost or something else?

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