Former Area 51 worker reveals information about extraterrestrial life

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Area 51 File Photo

On his YouTube channel, a man known as black biggot uploaded an encounter he had talking with a former Area 51 worker. Originally, this man didn’t reveal much of anything, until one night he got really drunk and started talking.

After giving a few details, it became evident in the conversation—that he had experienced some things and was shook up about it. He then began speaking about what extraterrestrial information he had seen and learned about while working at Area 51. The video appears to be taken inside a bus with a cell phone.

Who the man is remains anonymous (for obvious reasons) however, he did spill the beans about some things…which makes you wonder how legit this information might well be. The video is nearing close to 2 million views on YouTube currently.


The man (black biggot) seems to be rather candid and even sincere in what he is saying. A statement on his channel certainly makes a joke as he mentions: “I’ll read your questions on Tuesdays QNA (Questions and Answers) with black biggot hurry now before the government kills me. 🙁

Black biggot further discussed the conversation. And what he mentioned goes into further detail. It was a clear night the stars were out and easily seen. The man he talked to often would drink a half a gallon of whiskey every three days according to him. (This certainly seems to be a sign of him being an alcoholic)


After a while, they starting talking about Orion’s belt in the sky he mentioned to him that there is a small star which is adjacent and off to the left. Then the Area 51 worker, mentioned that bad aliens live on that particular star. The other two stars are home to these good alien beings. They are smaller and visually look like the traditional grey aliens that are seen in drawings etc.


It then gets interesting, as he then tells about the comparison of the grey aliens and these taller bad aliens which are brown colored and seem to have a bad smell about them. Further explanation about how these aliens travel is mentioned.

The way these UFO’s move through the air, is from electricity made from nothing and gathered from space much differently than a rocket being propelled by thrust. An engine on a UFO opens up a void in space black biggot explains. It doesn’t operate from thrust movement but by it falling into itself if that makes any sense. He goes on stating that this indeed could be real—but ultimately its up for the viewer and their interpretation. Here is his video:

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