Russian nightclub party goers see glowing alien eyes

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Where this bizarre scene happened, was located in Russia and a YouTube video was posted about this, back in 2013. From what is known, footage shows a nightclub located somewhere in a metropolitan area. The man who posted this video, is from the United States and is convinced that some of the guests seen in the crowd, are either extraterrestrials or some kind of android type robots.

Russian nightclub party goers see aliens

The entire thing is difficult to believe, yet with so much paranormal activity happening around the world, it isn’t ruled out completely either. The band was playing and the power briefly went out due to a power surge. After this happened, both white and green covered eyes were spotted in within the crowd.

Russian nightclub party goers see aliens in the crowd

People were freaked out to see all of this. While the image quality isn’t great, it is good enough to make out some details. Seen in these photos, are three people having glowing eyes while the lights went dim. The argument is, these people were wearing glasses and the reflection of light kept bouncing off of them. It doesn’t mean necessarily that they’re aliens. More than likely, this is refracted light or some other type of practical explanation.

That being mentioned, these three people in the crowd, did appear to be rather unusual however. Whether or not they were androids or aliens of some kind, is anyone’s best guess. Several celebrities were at this club on this night, including supermodel Natalia Vodianova and Russian musician Sergey Shnurov.

Image: Natalia Vodianova from YouTube

Image: Natalia Vodianova from YouTube

Both of them were later interviewed. It seems that both of them witnessed something unusual happening in the crowd that evening and they both appeared startled. The name of the nightclub, is believed to be Russia full eclipse or something comparable.

One of the performers from the band, was interviewed…they said the band left immediately after being completely freaked out and couldn’t even recall how they got home that evening. (The premise of this, is like something out of a movie or television series)

Image: Sergey Shnurov from YouTube

Image: Sergey Shnurov from YouTube

Sergey Shnurov went on to say, that during one of the beautiful moments of the show, the lights suddenly went off. Most of the people in the room, he recalls had their eyes glowing in the dark. The drummer literally dropped his drumsticks. From what is known, the drummer said: “It was f*ckin scary and we got the f*ck outta there!”

While the eyes do appear to be bright colored, it is difficult to see the color green though. One person commented, saying that these adults were probably genetically engineered before they were born, to later become superior than a typical human being. With alien reptilians wandering around and other strange phenomena, this could be “something” caught on video. Certainly, here on Earth…we are not alone anymore.

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