Doll So Haunted Owners Move Her Wearing Hazmat Suit

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Sometimes objects can become a fixation for a spirit to manifest into. Dolls and puppets are often the focus. The reason for this is seems simple enough. Perhaps because they are shaped similarly to that of a human, a spirit can enter this object, taking control of it. For how long, isn’t known either. A haunted doll, can remain controlled for only a short time or permanently be cursed and/or haunted for quite some time.

Image: Nate and Kaleigh Raterman

Image: Nate and Kaleigh Raterman

Paranormal experts Nate and Kaleigh Raterman own the Museum of Shadows, located in Nebraska. On their website, they boast that their museum is the most haunted in all of the Midwest. Here, there are many different obscure and haunted artifacts to be seen by the public eye.

Ayda the Haunted Doll

There is one doll in particular found here, that seems to be possessed by something demonic. The doll’s name is Ayda. It came into possession by the Raterman family, after the doll was donated to them. Ayda is a rare 27” doll made in 1889 by Simon & Halbig in Germany. It seems that Ayda, was passed down over the years, before ending up at the museum eventually.

The doll is believed to harvest an incredible amount of negative energy and hate, for whatever specific reasons. This led the original owners of the dolls to getting rid of her. They discarded the doll first, thinking that they had gotten rid of her.

The doll was found two years later, inside of the garage. She was found sitting on top of a bag of fertilizer. The doll had been at a local landfill 20 miles away. Now, she had no eyes. The family was uncomfortable with this doll being with them any longer. They decided to get rid of her again, only to have her climb out of the trash bag. The family now completely terrified, donated the doll to Nate and Kaleigh.

While transporting Ayda to the museum, the Raterman family began hearing strange noises. Nate said, “We started our drive towards the private quarantine area, l when we heard this deep whisper come from the back of the SUV saying, ‘I want out’ followed by a child crying.”

Ever since hearing these noises, both Nate and Kaleigh Raterman have taken precautions before dealing with the doll. Nate went on to say:

“When I had to move her I had to wear a hazmat suit and still felt the power from her. I like to call it the paranormal hangover, because she made me feel all sick and the worst migraine ever. So she is now in her permanent box and locked in and the keys are off location to protect from the chance of her ever getting out.”

The museum is filled with other curiosities, yet Ayda seems to be the most powerfully possessed doll that they have in their possession, at the Museum of Shadows.

(Source: Destination America)

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