The Faceless Hitchhiker of Ohio

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Believed to be one of the most frightening places in all of Ohio, an intersection has set people scared. Not only during the night, have people reportedly seen a humanoid figure without a face, but during the daytime, people have seen vultures circling this area as well. Why this particular location is unknown, as it appears to be haunted by something simply unexplainable.

The Faceless Hitchhiker of Ohio

Most occurrences seem to happen during the late hours of around 1:30 am. One woman even thought she had hit and killed someone, only to catch a glimpse of a faceless person approaching her car. This thing had no face, just a void of black nothingness.

It is unknown if this hitchhiker is a man or woman. Some details about it, do seem to be consistent. It appears to be a person of around average height, only without any face. This area, is located between Amelia and Bethel. It is in the village of Bantam in Clermont County, where Route 222 meets up with Route 125. This stretch of land is known as “Dead Man’s Curve”.

Clermont County Dead Man's Curve

This faceless hitchhiker, has scared the living hell out of people between the hours of 1:20 and 1:40 am. Appearing to most people, “he” seems to be awaiting for a ride. Most of the time, the hitchhiker has been seen appearing in the middle of the road.

Since this intersection was further developed, numerous people have had accidents here. Some of these, have led people to an early grave as well. Unsuspecting drivers, have allegedly hit the hitchhiker only to see it jump onto their car afterward. Imagine being chased by this thing, during the night and how scary it must be. Other reports include, people seeing the hitchhiker walking along the side of the road. Some have said, their vehicle was pelted with rocks by something unseen.

Whatever this is, it seems to have ghost-like tendencies. All of this is truly weird and terrifying. Originally, the area had a sharp curve to it before it was changed over time. Previously, this stretch of road was built as a part of the Ohio Turnpike, back in 1831.

Back during this time, the original road was designed so that it curved sharply towards the top of a hill. Because of this, many horses and carriages would slide over the hill leading to many deaths. It seems that this place, has always been cursed one way or another.

The road stayed a two lane highway until the year 1968. Afterward, it was both straightened and widened to four lanes. A ribbon cutting ceremony commemorated the end of “Dead Man’s Curve”. This however may have been celebrated far too soon. About a month later, a bad accident happened at the intersection.

There were five teenagers who were driving an Impala. They were hit by a green Roadrunner car traveling at an estimated 100 mph. There was only one survivor. After this accident, reports of the faceless hitchhiker started happening. Perhaps this was the ghost, of one of these teens who died earlier.

Some have mentioned, that a green colored Roadrunner vehicle, has been seen before…chasing down other drivers on the road. Allegedly, over 70 people have since lost their lives, at this same intersection. This place may well be cursed or haunted after all.

(Source: Creepy Cincinnati)

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