Strange sylvan creature photographed at night

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strange sylvan creature

A strange sylvan creature photograph has emerged online from Reddit. It appears to show a sylvan creature. What gender it may be is questionable. Not too much is known about the origination of this photo and where it came from. The photograph is assumed to be taken in a park location.

Who took the photograph, is another story as well. The shot was taken in the evening, during a full moon. Whoever took this photo, mentioned that they were randomly taking photos at night in the park—which is kinda strange itself. Although this entity seems to have some size to it, creatures resembling this in mythology are comparable to dryads, brownies, sprites and fairies.

They are usually much smaller in representation and are guardians of the woodlands. The sylvan shown is difficult to judge for its height and weight, but the estimate is somewhere between 3-4 feet tall weighing in at around 50 pounds. The sylvan creature seems to have wood-like skin and hair made from brown and green leaves. It’s body also appears to be made from wood with green growth around it.

strange sylvan creature closeup

It definitely looks like something from nature. This is a bipedal creature and appears to be moving forward with some speed. It makes you wonder what might be out in the wilderness especially during the evening hours.

Originally sourced are the images from The Crypto Crew, by Thomas Marcum, he explained how he cropped and zoomed the image closer to get a better look at it. What he mentioned is how weird it looked comparing it to a cartoon in appearance. He also made note about the hands as they were odd looking as well. The first inclination was him wondering if this was that of a werewolf. But after further examination, this was ruled out quickly.

One can wonder what exactly this thing is, Thomas thought maybe it was a cat or child but it is clear enough to see neither of these speculations are correct. There seems to be a blur from the camera clearing showing a sense of movement.

strange sylvan creature close

Thomas mentioned that this is probably nothing more than a photo shop creation. Maybe this image is composed from different pictures together turning it into a completely new one. Some have assumed this to be nothing more than a ghostly spirit frolicking in the forest at night. Perhaps so, but it certainly looks different than most images.

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