Woman kidnapped by goblins in Nicaragua

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Jasmina with goblin

A woman claimed to have been abducted by goblins when she was a child. This event has been kept in secret until now and only her close circles of friends knew about it previously. She lives in Nicaragua and explained how she was taken to a cave for five nights and six days. The reason she decided to talk about this is because another child in her village, has been taken also. She believes that the goblins are responsible for this.

Goblins from mythology are known for being mischievous little creatures, who will stop at nearly nothing for riches such as gold and jewels. Their physical presence has been portrayed as being grotesque by nature. They are often short in stature and sometimes travel in groups, looking to score their next satchel of loot. English goblins were first mentioned in the 14th century from the unattested Anglo-Norman “gobelin”.

Lord of the Rings Goblins

The woman’s name is Jasmina and she was taken away while she was outside playing. She only recalls waking up inside the cave with these things and was completely horrified. Why they decided to kidnap her is interesting. While they didn’t harm her other than psychological trauma, she remembers them chanting something with her there. Their words and sounds were foreign to her. Of course children can have active imaginations, but she says this really happened and this is no fairy tale.

All of this may seem rather crazy, however in this region both goblins and fairies are considered to be a part of folklore here and many believe in such things. They are considered common in this part of Nicaragua, however seeing a goblin or fairy is something only a few will ever experience, in such an indigenous community such as this.

The Daily Mirror reports that many of these creatures live in areas such as San Silvestre, Peor Dicho, Monte Oscuro and La Gualapa. The largest population of goblins are believed to be located in San Silvestre and its surrounding areas. Perhaps religion plays a part in this, as the goblins stay far away from the church locations. Locals claim that in San Jose, a hilltop location is where they communicate to one another from each hillside.

Some people from Nicaragua have mentioned that there are inter-dimensional travelers who will only make themselves known within certain designated areas. Perhaps these goblins are in actuality extraterrestrials from another world, who wish to understand more about our species and planet here.

Although the channel is in Spanish, there is a YouTube channel which is dedicated to goblins and their existence in this region. Often things seems insane, until proven to be real. Perhaps one day more evidence of this will present itself until then we can only speculate.

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