Are Humans Secretly Being Grown Inside Laboratories?

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The methods that would be used are radical ideas, yet scientists are believed to be experimenting on artificial ways, to create human beings. What would this hold for the future of humanity and the world? Artificial human life, could soon be grown from scratch inside labs. Scientists have already successfully created a mammal embryo, using only stem cells.

With bio-engineering, scientists would be able to grow artificial human embryos without the need for a sperm or an egg. It is a strange concept, yet may already be happening according to some conspiracy theories.

Baby feet

By doing this, scientists and researchers would be able to study human life at a very different level. Questions might be answered, like why sometimes pregnancies fail. Genetically engineered humans, might shed some light on the human condition.

Humans Grown In Labs

However, there is much controversy around this subject. Many ethical questions remain and of course these engineered humans, would have a soul just like anyone else would…wouldn’t they? All of this is like playing God and would change the world quite drastically. Many science fiction films, have dabbled with this very idea before. The biggest question remains what constitutes human life?

Right now, scientists are able to carry out various experiments on leftover embryos from IVF treatments. They are in short supply of embryos. From what is understood, the embryos must be destroyed inside the lab after 14 days. Reports from scientists say, they could speed up a lot of their research, if they were allowed to create an unlimited numbers of artificial embryos, inside the laboratory.

People are concerned that allowing embryos to be grown will only open the door to designer babies and other genetically modified humans. Many things impossible would become possible. An underground market for all of this would be setup, if it hasn’t been set up already.  

It makes one wonder if somewhere out there (in a underground labs) many illegal and controversial experiments are happening right now. Other technology exists, that is being drip fed to society slowly. There may be an underlying reason for all of this.

Perhaps one day it will all make sense. The biggest questions are why and who is doing all of this? Is there a secret society controlling this or just a few “people”?

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