Eaten alive by anaconda snake

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Paul Rosolie

Imagine a man out of his mind enough to be swallowed by nature, this time by a large anaconda snake for an upcoming documentary. His name is Paul Rosolie and he will be wearing a specialized suit before nature has its way with him. While most people would run the other way, Rosolie is out to make some kind of history foolish or not for science. This entire event will be filmed for the Discovery Channel amply named “Eaten Alive”.

Paul is a naturalist and filmmaker who is no stranger to dangerous encounters. He has previously traveled into jungles which included documenting illegal trades of endangered wildlife.

Paul with snake

The suit he will be wearing is something of his own design—which will in theory ward off the digestive juices within the anaconda snakes stomach and keep him safe from its deadly grip. Even though it looks like a spaceman-type outfit supposedly it is designed to make him appetizing as humanly possible, as he is going to be eaten head first.

How will Paul get out of the anaconda after being swallowed? This is what the Discovery Channel hopes viewers will tune in for. He will somehow extricate himself from the belly of this large beast.

Many animal activists are against this dangerous stunt including PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They believe the snake will be used for nothing more than ratings to draw in viewers and the snake will be harmed. The anaconda will have to be starving to find him to be a good meal.

Paul had this to say on Twitter: “If you know me – I would never hurt a living thing. But you’ll have to watch #EatenAlive to find out how it goes down!”


This isn’t the first time this has or will happen. A Python ate a drunk man in India after he fell asleep to awake inside the belly of a snake. His timing was really bad luck it seems.

Update:  This man decided to not go through with this. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t do such a thing.

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