Ghostly figure spotted at Vatican church

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Slenderman left

A rather strange figure appeared high a top St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy. This rather shady looking humanoid seems certainly out of place. This was captured on video by an onlooker. The creepy clip features tourists waiting in line to enter the famous church in Rome. The tall dark figure seems to be motionless while standing in front of the bells located in the left part of the tower.


The speculation is this may be a slenderman. They are considered to be a supernatural entity which originated back in 2009 by Eric Knudsen. First seen on a forum post from the site Something Awful. Since the original reports, there have been a number of them sighted around the world. Whether or not they could be alien in origin is still unclear.

Slenderman with girl

What is known about the slender men is—that they usually stalk their victims and often abduct them in particular young children. The slenderman could be a shadow type demon, but this is mere speculation about them. These tall thin humanoid shaped entities have unnatural tentacle-like arms. Using these arms they are able to capture their victims with ease.

The slenderman is faceless, and has been depicted wearing a suit and tie. More often than not discoveries of the slenderman have been by the wilderness. They also have the supposed ability to teleport at will. It has been said that they can actually cause “Slender sickness”. This leads to paranoia and delusions which follow from abduction. People have reported side affects such as nosebleeds being a recurrence as well. It is difficult to see what this actually is, however anything is a possibility.

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