Man marries his sex doll

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There are a lot of lonely people out there, and some go very far to feel some type of comfort. This time a man age 40 married his wife, however she is made entirely out of plastic and rubber parts. It doesn’t stop there however, he has a mistress too, and she is plastic as well. Falling for inanimate objects seems to be an obsession for a man who calls himself “Davecat” a name taken from a video games he once used to play.

These type of mannequins are known as synthetic partners, and have become a real part of some peoples lives. Some are fed up with the dating scene or past relationships which ended badly for them. This type of behavior is certainly not normal, but is the norm for these type of people. Often they use these objects to recover from emotional pain or baggage they have been dealing with. For Davecat, he has been together with his doll for well over 10 years now.

Davecat with Dolls

Initially Davecat was having sex with his doll—before actually having feelings for it, he has since made this doll apart of his life and even named her Sidore. She is manufactured by Abyss Creations, they have since manufactured more elaborate dolls which are human-like in every way. These dolls have artificial skin made from silicone and are anatomically correct. Some are equipped with tongues as well; while others are known as capital D-Dolls used specifically for sex. Davecat and others are known as iDollators and see their dolls being life partners for them not just elaborate sex toys.

Davecat with Dollwife

Officially, Davecat isn’t married, but wears a matching ring for him and his doll Sidore. On the band it reads: “Synthetic love lasts forever.” He also plans on some sort of ceremony for their 15th anniversary which will be coming up soon enough. Davecat busted his piggy bank as he saved well over a year and a half to buy her online for around $6,000 dollars. Elena Vostrikova is Davecat’s mistress doll and cost around the same amount.

My Strange Addiction – Davecat from Joe Tolitano on Vimeo.

With his fascination with dolls at such an early age, Davecat has had a fetish for artificial women such as mannequins (especially Gynoids) which are robots made in the likeness of real women. Before he knew that these types of dolls existed, he thought of himself as a techno-sexual. He insists that these dolls will never possess any of the unpleasant qualities that a real flesh and blood human woman would have, and that is OK by him.

There is a movie based upon this type of a thing starring Melanie Griffith called Cherry 2000:

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