Flying humanoid seen over Qutub Minar in Delhi

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This video shows what appears to be a flying humanoid of sorts, seen in over Qutub Minar in Delhi, India. At the start of the video, several people are posing for a photo when suddenly the camera pans upward showing something in the sky. There are people heard screaming and yelling as they watch confused at what was happening. The sheer speed of the flying humanoid is quite impressive.

Flying Humanoid Over Qutub Minar in Delhi

The entire video lasts only 33 seconds long. While it is interesting to watch, the video is suspicious by nature. From what is known, the video has been around since April 23rd of 2014, when a YouTuber by the name of Riona Kapoor first uploaded the video.

Initially, the information about the video, was rather limited and more than likely part of some sort of promotion. Most notably, the YouTube description of the video, suggests viewers to read a book by Nizam Ahmed listed as “Faceless” under the People & Blogs category.

While the quality of the video is rather bad, it is good enough to make out some details seen in the video. One viewer mentioned, that the person seen was using a jet pack of sorts to soar through the air. Many aircraft designs, are based upon animals in nature and how they can glide or fly through the sky.

Flying Humanoid Qutub Minar in Delhi

Regarding the video itself, it looks quite rough…as the camera pans are rather shaky as well. When the video starts, the initial camera framing is strange. It is almost as if the cameraman knew that this flying humanoid, was going to enter into the framed camera shot. This certainly creates doubt to whether or not this even has a chance to be real. The couple seen being filmed appear to be college students out on holiday.

Viewers believe this is nothing more than CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). If this isn’t digitally manipulated, then perhaps it could be a flying kite in the sky. This may well explain why the cameraman knew that this was heading back into his perspective view. With video quality such as this, it makes it difficult to spot any types of strings or cables which may have been used.

While more than likely a fake, the video does make one wonder, if anyone out there secretly has as ability such as this. If so, they are keeping it discrete as they could use their powers for good or evil.

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