Woman gets third breast

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3 breasted woman

Well, it is certainly one thing to gain some attention. But to have a surgically implanted 3rd breast is exactly what a 21 year old woman from Tampa, Florida did. She is known as Jasmine Tridevil and paid an astounding $20,000 dollars to have an extra breast which appears slightly smaller than her natural two breasts on her chest. She is trying everything and anything to get on television specifically MTV (Music Television) pledging to have her own series.

Her mother doesn’t approve of her choice and doesn’t understand why she actually went through with it. Jasmine said: “My mom ran out the door. She won’t talk to me. She won’t let my sister talk to me.” Jasmine’s father is being a bit more supportive of her decision. (One can wonder where she came up with the money for this) Jasmine saved money for this procedure from working as a licensed massage therapist.

Jasmine Tridevil

One of her idols is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos also known as Criss Angel; he is a magician who is known for unusual street magic tricks and illusions. Jasmine has previously worked on a radio show segment known as “The News Junkie”, she is not your average girl. With her head high in the clouds and following her aspirations, she has already established a YouTube channel for the twenty something crowd and helping them find work.

She mentioned that she has dumped every penny of her savings from the surgery and said: “If this doesn’t work, I’m through.”

Jasmine’s persona is reminiscent of a type of succubus, she is trying to be something otherworldly and seems obsessed with demonic women from mythology. She best described herself as creepy and being a weirdo on Facebook. With her new found fame, she will be appearing on Inside Edition television show, and the Jimmy Kimmel show. Vice magazine has also picked up the story.

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