Evil Looking Spirit Photographed While Soldier Poses In Iraq

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This rather intriguing photograph seems to show an unknown entity standing in the background when a soldier posed for the camera.

It was taken back on August 8th, 2007 inside the COB (Central Operating Base). This location is believed to previously have been the Basra Airport, located in the south west and is located near a river in Iraq.  

Deciding to get opinions about it, the soldier later posted this online. When this photo was taken, he said he was serving in Operation Telic 10, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, attached to the Irish Guard Battle Group.

The soldier said he had just returned from a 3 month stay in Basra Palace, where 3 of his friends had been killed within weeks of each other. The photo was taken the day of his return in the COBs smoking area. 

Later, when he returned home months later in November, he uploaded all of his photos online. He then tagged people on Facebook and it was during this time he along with others noticed the mystery figure standing behind him.

Upon looking closer, he then zoomed in to see this figure which resembled some kind of spirit. It may or may not be good. Quite possibly, this could be the fallen spirit of one of his lost friends.

The soldier played around with the brightness of the photo to try and make out any further details. He realized this was no person but something else there. He was shocked to see a hooded looking humanoid with a menacing looking face. It is distorted due to the distance from the camera location.

The soldier also commented saying that during this time, anyone wearing anything other than an issued uniform would likely be questioned and/or shot at this location.

He said the security there was setup rather well and nobody could have entered here that wasn’t authorized to do so. He added, “If the figure was seen in person by myself and friends, it would of got several 9 mm rounds to the head, however at the time, nothing was seen.”

Some of the comments about this included: “Dust mote over a background shadow will always look like a face in a cloak.” “Why do people think anything they don’t understand is evil. Could be a relative watching over him.”

There does seem to be a figure standing in the background and it doesn’t appear to be dust. This is something else. What it was doing there is another question.

(Source: The Black Vault)

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