This Groundbreaking Method, Is Changing The Way Paranormal Investigations Are Being Conducted

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Many paranormal enthusiasts and researchers might not have heard of this yet but it is starting to catch on. Previously, people have been using EMF meters, digital recorders, and full-spectrum cameras to capture evidence of the unknown. However, most of the time nothing has been achieved. 

Exploring haunted sites takes a daring soul but they ultimately want to capture some kind of documentation. It is a learning process and many believe these things take time to understand. 

About three years ago in Estes Park, Colorado, a new groundbreaking method was conceived. It took place within the infamous Stanley Hotel, known to be a haunted location. This new extrasensory communication idea was the brainchild of Karl Pfeiffer, Connor Randall and Michelle Tate. 

They had been kicking around ideas since 2011, but on January 21, 2016, everything changed. They decided to isolate the noise from a SB7 Spirit Box. This device transmits signals such as radio signals into random chunks of noises. 

The Estes Method Karl Pfeiffer blindfolded headphones
Image: Karl Pfeiffer

These noises are perceived as being messages from ghosts and other unknown entities such as demons and the alike. These signals are then manipulated by these spirits to send back messages and relay them back to a living person. 

Essentially, the person becomes a receiver of sorts channeling communication from paranormal type entities. Many ghost hunters have quite an arsenal of tools at their disposal, they want to capture anything that they can and will stop at nothing to find proof.

After experimenting, the team used blindfolds along with noise-isolating headphones to rule out the possibility of someone hearing the questions being asked out loud. 

After this, things became far more interesting. Karl Pfeiffer explained that there were no real differences in the responses the team was getting. However, he commented saying a distinctive boost seemed to happen afterwards.

The Estes Method Karl Pfeiffer
Image: Karl Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer compared this to someone using earbuds (the cheap kind) and the noise heard that seems to leak out, no matter how much someone would trust their receiver. Upon their second attempt, they had much more success. They could hear ghostly activity around them and they were both shocked and excited over it. 

Both Karl and Connor would end up naming their newfound experiment “The Estes Method”. It was an homage to Estes Park, Colorado, home of the Stanley Hotel, and the birthplace of one of the most groundbreaking paranormal experiments to emerge in the last several decades.

Over time, “The Estes Method” has continued to be used. The team mentioned that well over 200 hours and beyond have been documented using this new method. It seems as though they have broken through a barrier of sorts in trying to communicate with ghosts and other entities.

This far more than people perceive in their minds. Voices have been heard and this should be proof that something else lingers within our world. Perhaps these spirits cannot simply move on into the afterlife. Likely the most famous example of “The Estes Method” was used on the Travel Channel series “Kindred Spirits”. The method was referred to as the “The Spirit Box Experiment”.

“It’s pretty bizarre,” Randall says seeing “The Estes Method” on television. “Some of the investigators who I’ve grown up watching are now using an idea I helped invent. I’m proud, but I also want to make sure that they’re doing it correctly, calling it the correct name so people can find these instructions, and giving it enough time to really start to work.”

Image: Karl Pfeiffer

The steps involved in using this method involves someone first willing to become the receiver and another to be the operator. They will ask questions in hopes of some kind of response. Next, they will be blindfolded or masked so they cannot see around them. After this, the SB7 Spirit Box, will be used or an updated model. 

It is recommended that someone should equip themselves with either the Vic Firth S1H1 or S1H2 Stereo Isolation Headphones, to isolate any kind of sound around them. These models were made to cancel out even a drummer wailing on their drums loudly.

These headphones are capable of blocking out external noise of up to 25 decibels. Perhaps with this new method more evidence will be documented in regards to paranormal activity. More testing and many more people need to try this first.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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