The Bridgewater Triangle

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Bridgewater Triangle Map

Known as The Bridgewater Triangle, this place has been talked about for years. Especially during the 1970’s a lot of paranormal activity seems to have happened in southeastern Massachusetts. There are reported encounters consisting of Bigfoot sightings, UFO’s, cult sacrifices, balls of fire, poltergeists and Native American spirits wandering around this location.

Hockomock Swamp

The triangular area is about 200 square miles long. The boundaries were defined back in the 1970’s by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman who gave this place its name. Later, she would write a book titled Mysterious America. There are certain spots which have been noted such as Hockomock Swamp as the central location. It is here where a number of free roaming spirits have been reported by people.

Dighton Rock

Another place known about is Dighton Rock. It is here where a 40 ton rock sits. It is believed it came to the Taunton River during the melting of the glaciers in the last ice age. There are a number of carvings etched into the rock, they have inspired numerous books and even been a part of 35 different hypotheses. These inscriptions are quite old and have been proven legitimate.

Freetown Fall River sign

One location within the triangle is Freetown-Fall River State Forest, this particular area has been a magnet for cult activity. Here animal sacrifices have been reported and ritualistic murders believed to be done by Satanists. If this wasn’t enough to turn people away, there have been gang related murders here and some suicides as well.

Profile Rock

A site known as Profile Rock is where Anawan (a historical figure) Wampanoag received the lost wampum belt from Philip. The legend goes this ghostly spirit can actually be seen sitting on this rock, they are seen sitting with their legs crossed and/or arms reaching outward towards a nearby wanderer.

Bridgewater Bigfoot

More things have been reported about within the triangle including numerous Bigfoot (Sasquatch) sightings. The place where most of the reports have been footnoted are near the Hockomock Swamp area. A man named Joseph DeAndrade mentioned this half man-half ape creature back in 1978. A local man named John Baker also reported seeing this creature as well while he went canoeing.

One other strange sighting was a reported Thunderbird’s flying around. This pterodactyl-like creatures were said to have long wings upward of 12 feet in size. They have been seen in Taunton and Hockomock Swamp. (A police Sergeant Thomas Downy also reported seeing one)

Image by: Kristen Good via

Image by: Kristen Good via

Locals mention stories about the Native Americans who weren’t treated well by the Colonial settlers. This has led to speculation of a supposed curse instilled upon this land. The spirits here are perhaps bitter from the wampum belt artifact which was lost during King Philip’s War.

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