Harrowing Banshee Howls At Deployed US Marines

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This rather bizarre encounter took place back in 2003, when a marine was stationed over in Iraq. He was there along with a few others. They stopped at a RRP (repair and replenish point). They bunker ed down for the night and dug up a place to crash. On this night, there was no moon out. This made the area really difficult to see, as it was so dark outside.

Any sign of stars in the sky, was all but impossible to see. The pitch black night sky, made even seeing your hand in front of your face nearly impossible. As this marine was sitting in their trenched position, they were wearing NVG’s (night vision goggles).

It was this marines duty to keep an eye out for any signs of insurgents nearby. A bit of time passed without anything happening, until a shrieking wailing scream filled the area.

It was unlike anything they ever heard before. It seemed to be coming from the darkness all around them. The sound quickly became more intense, as these ear piercing screams seemed to be coming from right over top of their heads.

Whatever this was, it seemed to be hovering around for a while. The screams lasted for a bit longer. His estimation was this went on for several more minutes. They went on to mention that these ear piercing screams, were unlike anything they had ever heard before. Even as they reflect back to that frightful night, a shiver still runs down their spine.

Several of the men who were awake when this happened, heard the same thing. However, only a few of them could hear this. When questioning the other men, nobody else heard anything that were awake. Trying to think logically about this, the marine said they believed it to be some kind of bird like an owl. All of their research about it fell through, this was no bird it was something else entirely.

Banshee screaming

Perhaps this was some sort of banshee. The marine explained that he tried for years to figure out what it could have been. There is no real explanation for this, other than this being some kind of supernatural encounter. He even asked others for their opinion. Noone else has ever replied, that was stationed over there during the same time period.

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