Ex-Official Says 5 Million Extraterrestrials Already Live Among Us

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According to statements given by former government UFO expert James Kune, there are 5 million aliens living among us. In the search for extraterrestrial life, we may not need to look further than the person sitting or standing adjacent to us. 

Ex-Official Says 5 Million Extraterrestrials Already Live Among Us

Quite a thought provoking thought but even your spouse or other loved ones could be some sort of alien or alien hybrid of sorts. This may even explain why certain people behave strangely in different situations. It isn’t because they are crazy per say, but that they are unable to react as a human being naturally would. 

Dr. James Kune has identified over 1,000 different cases throughout his career with the US government. Perhaps the very purpose of these aliens living here are to simply observe us and what it is we do each and every day. They study our social behavior and how we interact with one another. This would be comparable to watching animals in a zoo type environment. 


One defaulted problem (for some of these aliens) has become their attachment to those around them. They have grown fond of them and it is difficult for them to simply let go.

If someone wonders whether or not they are married to an alien, they might instinctively be right. After all, we only use a small portion of our brain. What if we can sense things like this? It would be an instinct embedded into our very consciousness. 

When thinking about this subject you can’t think “human”. These beings have far more collective knowledge than human-kind has currently. Kune also said, that these aliens are evenly split meaning that half are male and the other half female.

Most of them are married, yet are childless. Through the research that Kune has done, he said there is a 50-50 chance to be married to an alien. He personally has identified a number of them as they attempted to pass themselves off as being human.

Kune also said that their motives for coming here remain unclear. Typical assumptions are, they are here for some kind of world conquest or a desire to live on another planet altogether.

Perhaps even, they have suffered from an overcrowded planet and had to relocate elsewhere. Another statement mentioned by Kune said, some of these aliens are Zeebans, the peaceful aliens and others are Gootans, the evil aliens.

It makes one wonder, whether or not these alien entities are capable of real love and understand like a human being. For procreation, they continue to mate with us as more offspring enter the world. 

All of this is a wild thought but in certain moments…it makes you wonder about people and alien activities. The longer that these aliens have remained here on Earth, they have become far more eager for companionship. It is natural to pair off with another. Eventually, they began developing actual loving relationships with humans.

Dr. Kune also said: “One of the most surprising findings in my research is that these alien-human relationship are among Earth’s strongest marriages. While the overall divorce rate for U.S. marriages is hovering around 50 percent, almost 90 percent of alien-human marriages last well beyond the so-called “seven-year itch” that often marks the end of human-to-human marriage.”

“All joking aside, if your happy marriage is leading you to suspect that your spouse may be an alien, you’re in luck—Dr. Kune has identified several signs that indicate your husband or wife may have extraterrestrial origins.”

“According to Kune, alien husbands are handy, fix-it-all types. “This is obviously a function of their highly developed mechanical and scientific skills.” Dr. Kune says. “They usually have every high-tech power tool they can get their hands on, and keep it all compulsively organized.”

“And while the majority will ask for help when they need it, “a significant number are just as stubborn about things as human men.” Kune continues, “I suspect that a lot of aliens are on this planet only because they wouldn’t listen to people on their own planets.”

“Alien wives are all about sharing and division of labor and manual chores. And, Kune says, “When their husbands did not offer to help with these duties, several alien wives reported feeling hurt and insulted.” They are also quite analytical and logical when making an argument, “although we are beginning to see the early development of the skill of weeping, Dr. Kune says, “as alien women become more assimilated into our civilization.”

(Source: Science Vibe)

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