Sewer pipe alien recorded in North Carolina

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While in a remote part of North Carolina, a video was taken back in 2015. What is seen, appears to be a stereotypical looking alien being. It’s alien shaped body and head of some sort, peers out from a large sewage drain pipe. It was apparently reported about by a news station speaking in Spanish. (It is also quite difficult to see what news station reported about this as well, only their logo emblem can be seen)

Alien in North Carolina sewer pipe

As obscure as this video is, was it kept hush-hush for a reason? Were there extraterrestrial looking entities living inside this drainage pipe? There are many questions to be asked about this bizarre alien footage. Does this pipe trace back towards an underground government operation location? Anyone can speculate at this point, but it is truly an odd video to say the least.

As seen on the video clip, the time stamp displays it being 5:03 PM in the month of June. The date displays the 24th. There is very little information about this video or who uploaded it several years ago. As with many of these types of videos, the quality is often quite bad.

Alien in North Carolina sewer pipe closeup

That being said, the video is good enough to make out some details about it. There appears to be a limb or type of hand grasping the rim opening of the sewer drain. This alien appears to be a white, gray or silver color from the distance. It’s head is oval shaped comparable to the grey aliens seen in many sightings around the world.

It isn’t 100% for sure, that this is a sewage pipe either—as it could be a storm drain of some sort.
At first glance, there seems to be a second alien looking out from the sewer pipe, however it is just a particle blur due to the bad video quality. It may not even been an alien but something else entirely. Many think that these sightings and recordings are not in fact aliens, but that of demons instead.

This alien seems to be quite curious about what is happening as it is being filmed. One thing to note though, is how calm the person is recording all of this. The camera sways back and forth ever so slightly—yet they are not far from something not human. They are either very brave or very dumb. Either way, this video is noteworthy and if someone else out there has any more information please contact us.

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