Pharmacy Worker Witnesses Two Alien Weirdos At Night

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It was late at night and one pharmacy worker described a most unusual encounter they had one evening. It was around 1:00 AM when an elderly looking man entered the pharmacy store where they worked. This man walks up to the counter and then asks, “Hey, is it OK if I just hang out until my friends get here?”

The employee replied, “Sure man, we have chairs over there, if you would like to sit in them. Where’s your friend coming from?” 

The old man then replied, “New York City, he left about 15 minutes ago. From here, it is about a 12 hour drive away.”

Then the employee said, “Oh man, well you can sit here until he gets here. No one will bother you. You got about an 11 hour wait I suppose?” 

The old man replied, “Nah…let’s just say…we can get around a lot faster than most…hehehe”

The employee noticed that this elderly man was dressed in an expensive brown suit. He looked like someone who stepped right out from the 1950’s. He guess the suit was worth between $500 to several thousand dollars. 

It was difficult to describe how this man acted. Often he would stare at him intently when he spoke. His eyes were wide and it seemed like he never blinked. He also spoke in a monotone type voice, his sentences were kind of broken as well. On top of this, he walked around kind of funny. 

The old man wandered around the shop for a while and then started explaining that he was collecting trinkets from the state. About 30 minutes passed by and he wandered over with a cart full of the most random stuff this employee had ever seen.

Nearly all of these items were either food, books and/or electronics. There was nothing really there that would be considered as a token or trinket from a specific state in America. 

After this happened, the old man asked if he could leave his cart behind the counter, so the employee could keep an eye on it. They said, “Yeah that’s fine.” Then the old man walked out the door.

pharmacy open

Around 30 minutes passed by, then another customer walks into the pharmacy. They said some guy was outside acting kind of creepy. When the employee walks outside, he notices the old man sitting on a bench in a crouched up position. This old man appeared to be in his upper 90’s. When he sees the employee again he said. “You told me it would be ok if I waited here.” 

Then the employee said, “Yeah I did. You OK?” Old man says, “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

The employee was confused. He doesn’t respond back to the old man and then begins wandering back inside the store. The old man doesn’t seem to understand things.

He continues to ask what he was doing that was out of the ordinary? There was no expressive type emotions such as being angry or upset in any way. The employee explained that he was sitting in a most unusual way and that was the reason he asked if he was okay. The old man begins to sit up and the employee enters back inside the pharmacy store.

Now, the night is getting late and about 20 more minutes pass by. A black man enters wearing what looks like a large onesie (typically used for babies and toddlers). He appears to be around 20 something years old and his shoes even light up with led type lights. 

This man begins to sing, skip and strut around the store awkwardly. When the black man walks up to the counter he then asks, “Hey, have you seen my friend? He should be around here somewhere.” His voice sounds ultra friendly. Like way too friendly and happy. Nearly the entire time, he has a big smile on his lips but he doesn’t appear to be showing the rest of his face.

The young black man begins to glance at what appears to be a phone of some sort. He was slightly shielding this device with his body. It seemed to be on purpose. The employee tried to get a better look but the man moved back the other way. 

Attempting to help the young man he asked, “What’s your friend look like?” He, for the first time, stopped and said “Well…I’m…I’m not sure. I just got down from NY, I left an hour or two ago.” I said “Brown suit? Older white guy?” He doesn’t respond, looking a bit confused.

Not long after all of this, the old man walks back into the pharmacy. Both he and the other man hug one another. The employee said, “I couldn’t make this shit up… Start dancing with each other in a really strange fashion. The black guy gets some beer from the back shouting at the guy in the brown suit “Give me one second, let me get some drinks for the fli…uhh road.” Giving me a strange look.

Another strange thing, when they paid a completely blank credit card was used. It was totally blank other than the black bar on the back. Then both of the men begin to crack open a few beers and leave the store drinking as fast as they can. To this day, the employee had no idea if they were human or not. To them, they were aliens as they appeared and acted out of the ordinary.

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