The mysterious Blank Room Soup.avi video

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This creepy yet mysterious video, has remained unsolved for a decade. It was uploaded back in 2008 by Raymond S. Persi, he is a American animator, director, screenwriter, producer, storyboard artist and voice actor. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this, is the validation that the costumes worn, are known as actual RayRay characters.

Raymond S. Persi

The RayRay suits were stolen, during a Sunset Club performance from Persi’s vehicle. The RayRay characters, were created as an expression of Persi’s feelings and later grew into more of a project for him. Persi is known for his work with Walt Disney Pictures, Wreck-It Ralph (2012), Zootopia (2016) and The Simpsons (1989) among other projects. In 2010, Raymond moved from FOX Studios to Walt Disney Pictures, while working on Wreck-It Ralph.

Confused yet fascinated, Persi uploaded a rather disturbing video that was sent to him from an email. Seen in this video, appears to be a man sitting down at a table, eating something from a bowl. He is holding a large wooden spoon and seems to be clearly upset, as he is heard crying. The entire video, has a rather ominous feel about it. The video is now known as Blank Room Soup.avi.

Blank Room Soup avi

It is believed that this video, has made its way onto the deep web at some point. Some think that this is a snuff film. The man seen at the table, could be eating human flesh or is possibly being tortured and held in a remote location. Quite possibly, this was recorded in someone’s basement or an office type of a building.

Another theory about all of this, is the video could be some kind of art project, although highly unlikely. Someone mentioned that the man seen is Asian. It is difficult to see his facial features in the video, as a black video bar covers his face keeping his identity concealed. One other theory about all of this, is that Persi himself setup all of this for publicity – although this is rather doubtful.

The video is bizarre, as a costumed character enters the room, then wanders over comforting the man at the table. They begin patting his back with gestures. Persi said that the training involved for a RayRay suit actor to replicate such gestures, takes several weeks of study. When he watched this video, he was surprised to see how well the RayRay characters performed.

This leads one to believe, that a serious fan or someone on the inside of this little RayRay world, was in on it. Perhaps even more people are a part of this, as laughter can be heard as well, while the man sloppily eats at the table in distress.

It is creepy to watch this man eat, as he begins to sob more and eat faster as this goes along. Not long after, a second RayRay costumed character enters into the frame of the video. It is really weird all of it and has left many people guessing just what all of this really is or means. Most people it seems think, that this video is legit for several reasons.

The way the man cries makes him appear rather distraught. Also, the video was sent originally as an email attachment to Persi and the costumes were stolen. Apparently though, Persi had extra costumes made as well – to continue on with the project. One can’t help but wonder, what might have happened if the man couldn’t finish eating what was in the bowl. Also, was he the only one being held captive? This is one truly disturbing video, which still remains a mystery.

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