Plants can read our minds and shape our very thoughts

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As mind boggling a concept as it is, plants can read our very minds. They can influence us and shape our thoughts, responding to our emotional state of mind. The concept of this isn’t anything new. However, as time has passed, more people have been experimenting with different results.

Plants are living things too and likewise feed off different degrees of energy. Human beings give off carbon dioxide, which in turn helps plants flourish. Plants in general, need a certain degree of light and water to grow. Obviously, they do better in the most ideal conditions. Also, supplemental soils are used, to help plants grow better.

Plants can read our minds and shape our thoughts

Dating back to the year 1966, an unusual experiment took place. Evidently, it even shook up the scientific community as well. Located in a small room inside of an office building in New York, a man named Cleve Backster decided to try something on an impulse. Cleve during this time, was one of America’s top polygraph experts. Specializing in conducting lie detector tests, he was working late one evening.

His secretary, added a Dragon pot plant, to help brighten up the office. Cleve Backster, then noticed this plant needed some water. Cleve decided to give the plant water. He then drenched water over the root system. Afterward, he then attached the leads of the detector machine, to one of the leaves. He pondered to himself, about how similar it is to a person’s skin – measuring the resistance of these electrical type impulses. Cleve waited to see, just how long it was before the moisture would reach the leaves.

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Cleve noticed no initial response, he then dunked one of the leaves into his hot coffee. Nothing seemed to happen either, until he lit a match and burned the leaf. The plant seemed to actually react to this! He couldn’t believe it…as he glanced at the polygraph machine, the readings were all over the place. It seemed the plant responded to the heat from the flame. It reacted violently in response it seemed.

At the end of these investigations, discoveries were made – noting that plants could not only read people’s minds, but the plants could read someone’s mind from great distances. Plants seemed to be affected by people’s emotional mood and feelings they are/were experiencing.

The lie detector test, is able to measure whether someone is telling a lie or not. However, there are those who have doubted these types of tests, ever since they first started back in the later part of the 1890’s. Also known as a polygraph test, early devices were used back in 1895. A man named Cesare Lombroso, used early versions of these types of machines – to measure someone’s blood pressure, for various different police cases. Later, in 1904…a device by Vittorio Benussi was also used to test breathing as well.

So, the next time you water your plants, think about how they are feeding off your mood and energy, they are living things too.

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(Source: Mind Power News and The Epoch Times)

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