Thousands Of Toxic Toads Take Over Florida Community

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Located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida are hundreds if not thousands of poisonous Bufo toads. These particular toads can grow up to the size of a dinner plate. Using their defense, they secrete toxins from the glands located alongside of their head. If someone were to ingest this by accident, they would likely become quite sick. A person could even die from this toxin.

Bufo toads Florida invasion

Local residents are worried about their children and pets, as these invasive toads have taken over different areas. People are finding these toads on their property, including their backyard swimming pools. One woman named Jennifer Quasha, said she had hundreds of them swimming around in her pool.

Swarms of these toads are all over the place here, even local news stations are broadcasting different videos of these toads showing how bad it is. People are spotting them along their driveways, sidewalks and in and around their homes.

Bufo toad invasion Florida

One local pest removal service lead by Mark Holladay stated that due to the recent rains and climate change, these amphibians have gone into a breeding cycle unlike any other. This has led to numerous spawns of these toads everywhere. The toads began to appear several days ago in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Of course the community here is outraged over this and something will have to be done to remove these toads. The Bufo toad is a species of around 150 different variations from the amphibian family Bufonidae. Their lifespan is between 10-15 years and they are fairly hardy. This might turn out to be a problem for quite some time.

Parents living here, are becoming worry warts. People are having to tiptoe around their yard trying not to step on one of these toads. It is a natural disaster that needs help quickly, before things get even worse. Some comments include this being a sign of the times, comparable to the Egyptian plague from The Bible.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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