Graffiti Or Gremlin? Google Earth Face Found Under New York Bridge

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It was one weird moment, when someone was browsing through Google Earth. They happened to notice something rather unusual. The coordinates of where this was spotted are: 42°26’35.24″N  76°30’49.09″W.

The information was later sent to the Hidden Underbelly channel on YouTube. They posted a video about this rather unusual discovery. The location where this was found is known as Cayuga Waterfront Trail. The highway bridge, extends across a body of water here.

Graffiti Or Gremlin New York Bridge Mystery

Some are calling this nothing more than graffiti, while others believe this to be a gremlin or another small mischievous type of creature. The entire thing is quite out of the ordinary and makes one wonder, what else might be lurking around in the remote shadows of the world.

This eerie looking face, could be lighting playing tricks as well. However, one can never be too sure. Perhaps this is a mask that was left behind or a drawing wedged in this small tight space. What makes this even more interesting is, how obscure and remote this location really is. Whoever found this, has hawk-like eyes as they were browsing around through the Google Earth program.

So far, nobody has responded with any further information. Perhaps someone out there will investigate this spot and see for themselves what really is there. If the gremlin face is still there, then of course it was nothing. However, if it is gone…one can only imagine the possibilities.

Being able to spot this anomaly is quite impressive as the location under the bridge doesn’t seem to be anything highly out of the ordinary at all. Gremlins have been described comparable to that of a chupacabra.

Someone mentioned a spray can was left behind that can be seen off to the right. Is this evidence of graffiti artwork then? Perhaps, but this isn’t fact yet either.

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