Friends Find Grey Pale Humanoid Inside Of Sewers

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While several friends were out and about walking towards a nearby park to hang out, they came across a sewer system there. Being rather naive, they decided to explore this location. A large grate covered the sewers but the bars were bent open. The opening was big enough to squeeze through.

The guy explained that his friend was intuitive enough about things like this. He said she has experience with paranormal type stuff. Because of this, they wanted to find out what was there as it was an interesting mystery to them. They soon noticed light was coming through part of the grate (at the top) enough to see somewhat inside. 

This is when things got weirder. After entering, they discovered a smaller tunnel that led higher up. This room was partly filled with water and at the bottom, there was a noticeable amount of graffiti along the walls of the tunnel passage.

Moments after wandering around in there he said a long lanky arm appeared to stretch out. What resembled an arm anyway was not moving. He said it could have been a plank of wood perhaps. 

Looking around, he found some rocks and stacked them up, so he could see further inside. Light continued to peek in and then he noticed what resembled a grey hunched figure, that had a bony looking body.

Grey Pale Humanoid In Sewers

Unsure of what he was seeing fear soon crept in. He mentioned seeing its back along with part of its neck and the top of its arms. Whatever it was, it wasn’t moving and possibly it could have been a homeless person who starved them-self to death. 

While he wanted to take a picture of this, his girlfriend refused to enter and she was the one who had a phone with her. Both of them decided something wasn’t right with this so they hightailed it out of there. 

The best they both could figure was, this might have been something that escaped from a secret project of some kind. Allegedly, an Army Depot exists in this area and they do testing on animal subjects.

To them, it is all speculation but he remembers what was there. It might be something more paranormal related like a grey alien or wraith of some kind. There has been no update posted yet or where this occurred. 

(Source: Reddit)

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