Family Held At Gunpoint, After Traveling Near Area 51

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While one family decided to explore much like tourists do, they were held at gunpoint by armed guards in the desert. This happened to them, after they traveled far too close to Area 51 in Nevada. Jeremiah Hasvold filmed the entire encounter, while he and his family were out during their trip. This family among others out there, have been curious about Area 51 for years.

This location likely has experimentation happening around the clock. Conspiracy theorists believe that Area 51, is nothing but a distraction to further hide away different truths away from the public. It has been confirmed by the US government, that Edwards Air Force Base has a remote type detachment used for “top secret aircraft development” according to the Central Intelligence Agency.

While this may hold truth, many believe more has been going on here ever since mid-1947. This is when the infamous Roswell UFO incident occurred. The US military, later released statements that what was seen in the sky, was merely a conventional weather balloon.

Back in 2013, the Central Intelligence Agency later publicly released a number of declassified documents. Within these documents, it was written that Area 51 does actually exist. Are there actual alien entities being harbored here?

Family held at gunpoint at Area 51

Like many folks, Jeremiah was curious and recorded their experience during their trip to Area 51. Certainly, what what happened to this family-of-four was rather frightening to them. With so many rumors and hearsay, most people want the government to come clean on what it is they are actually doing at this facility. Speculation is, alien spacecrafts are being kept here and being reversed engineered for new found technology.

The dramatic footage seen, shows this family being held at gunpoint by specialists equipped with enough firepower to bring down not just people, but vehicles as well. It didn’t take long, for these armed guards dressed in camouflage gear, to come riding in quickly. The driver is seen being asked to walk backwards towards the desert guards

Some places around Area 51 are marked clearly, while other locations are not. This makes navigating around here rather difficult for anyone. It would be easy for someone to cross the line, without even knowing it at first. There are some ridiculous fines that have been setup for those being charged.

What makes this place so alluring are the many secrets wrapped around it. This location is a declassified military zone found in the Nevada desert. After these types of incidents, rumors continued to swirl ever since, that the US government could actually be hiding away alien life.

(Source: Mirror UK)

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