Are Secret Alien Locations Being Hidden On Google Earth?

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Some wonder whether or not the wall or in this case pixels, are being pulled over our eyes. A conspiracy about Google Earth is, everything controversial is being removed or blocked out. Whether or not this is actually true, is mere hearsay. However, it does make you wonder.

Google Maps is another incredible resource for people to use. Likely some things get glitched sometimes which appear to be rather bizarre in both apps. For example, one Google Earth photograph stood out, that was taken at the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins in Mexico. 

Google Earth Girl Mayan ruin Chichen Itza Mexico

A blonde woman there, suddenly had alien-like features. Most notably, were her backward legs and protruding forward facial features. She certainly appeared to be out of the ordinary.

Around the world are indecipherable pixels that nobody has been able to understand yet. Some of these mystery locations, may or may not be accessible to the general public. This leads some people to believe something else is going on in these locations entirely. Maybe even alien activities. 

For whatever different reasons, some places Google does not want people to see. These could be government structures or something else. When Google Earth first launched back on June 11, 2001, people began noticing strange things ever since all around the globe.

The program superimposes aerial photography, GIS data and satellite imagery to compose a three dimensional series of landscapes showing towns, cities and more from different angles. What these series of censored images appear is anyone’s best guess.

Likely there are reasons for this and they seem to be done intentionally. Surely glitches do happen from time to time but these locations are precise coordinates at specific locations. 

Google cameras on the ground record 360-degree around the area to create a kind of seamless image. Sometimes moving objects can botch this up in the recorded scene. The Google Street View Drivers, earn somewhere between $15 to $16 dollars an hour.

While these visual technological glitches are interesting, there has been no official statements released about specific questionable locations. Perhaps something is being covered up for good reason.

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