Las Vegas shooting conspiracies

Recently, a great tragedy struck America, with a shooting taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lives of 59 people were lost and over 530 people were injured on October 1, 2017. A 64 year old gunman named Stephen Craig Paddock was responsible for this massacre. Now, this is considered to be one of the worst incidents in US. history.

Stephen Craig Paddock

Stephen Craig Paddock

Paddock was armed with semi-automatic weaponry, who fired out from several windows (broken with a hammer) from the room he was staying in at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, from across the street.

In his sights, were thousands of country music concert goers, who were both confused and panicked as they searched for cover at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The artist on stage was Jason Aldean, he was the closing act that night.

Image: Las Vegas shooting ABC news

Image: Las Vegas shooting ABC news

There were screams of terror, happening everywhere, among those who died in the blood bathed streets of Las Vegas, some people in the crowd, recorded the event with their phones as the carnage continued. An estimated 22,000 people were here at this event. Paddock apparently brought into the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 23 different guns.

He was able to setup multiple cameras as well, for his pre-planned assault from the 32nd-floor of the resort. A fire alarm was activated by smoke detectors, that detected gun smoke which helped police locate where the shooter was at 10:25 pm. At around 11:21 pm, police breached Paddock’s room with explosives.

Image: Las Vegas shooting ABC news

Image: Las Vegas shooting ABC news

Strangely, a mysterious woman pushed her way to the front of the line, at the concert that night. She then went on to rant, that everyone was going to die as she messed with another lady. The witness to this, was interviewed on camera. She went on to describe what happened. At first, the noises they heard at first were fireworks, as it turns out they were not.

This mystery woman was estimated to have left 45 minutes before the shootings began. This leads to the conspiracy, that there may be many more people involved in this incident. Pubic ally, limited information has been released so far. Obviously, law enforcement and other officials, are still trying to piece things together as some things have been filtered.

Paddock was a retired Internal Revenue Service agent from (1977–1984) and later a postal letter carrier as well. Paddock also was an accountant and multi-millionaire real estate investor, according to his brother. He also was best described as a high-stakes gambler who also enjoyed music concerts, traveling and taking cruises.

His neighbors mentioned that they rarely saw him and best described him as being quiet, solitary, and unfriendly. Paddock leaves behind his Filipino girlfriend Marilou Danley, who was sent away the day the incident took place. He also sent to her $100,000 US dollars. Marilou Danley, has now arrived back in the United States for further questioning about Paddock.

4chan prediction Las Vegas post

Perhaps a post made on 4chan, has further fueled conspiracy, as previously back on September 11, 2017 someone known as John, posted information about the Las Vegas shooting before October 1, 2017. Interestingly enough, the post has been deleted or archived. However, several other sources were able to capture it, before it was taken down, including another archive here.

The YouTube channel Truthstream Media, created an excellent video further delving into more details about more that may well be behind the Las Vegas massacre. Perhaps someone else out there, knows even more. It was a great tragedy that has affected many people. Our prayers and thoughts go out to those who suffered from this great loss.

(Source: Viral Rift and Wikipedia)

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