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Family plays with Ouija board gets unexpected results

All4tubekids Ouija board daughter and father

A family decided to play with an Ouija board and gets unexpected results. They have a channel on YouTube and share comedic and scary videos. While they were shooting one skit in particular, they got more than they bargained for, as something else was in the room with them it seems. They were cautious this night—as messing around with an Ouija board, can produce unexpected results.

Their channel is All4tubekids. The theme is a series of family reality videos, most of their videos are for fun and entertainment. On their channel, they suggest that the scary videos they produce are intended for a more mature audience. They are sort of documenting their lives, as they go along in a kind of wacky vlog style series. The channel has since picked up steam, as they continue to reach a broader audience.

All4tubekids Ouija board daughter and father

His daughter Brianna and her father Roland, decide to fetch some holy water while they try to connect with spirits. Who they were contacting with is unknown. However, something reached out from the other side and decided to give them a night they wouldn’t soon forget. On this night, souls were screaming as the Ouija board began to move suddenly around the table.

Supposedly, breaking they Ouija board into 7 different pieces (then then burying it) will rid any spiritual connectivity that was summoned from the spirit realm. In another instance, they once again tried to use the Ouija board. In their best interest, it was time to destroy the board with fire. They go outside, in hopes of releasing any spirits that lingered there with them and set them free again.

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All4tubekids Ouija board

While everything such as this is all in good fun, tampering with forces unknown—can bring forth something sinister as well. It is best to leave things such as this in the hands of those who are familiar with it. Summoning spirits or provoking them dates back many years, as people have always wanted to contact lost family and friends.

Using an Ouija board dates back to 1894. It is done by following the letters of the alphabet, numbers labeled 0-9 and the words labeled on the board stating either “yes” or “no”. Sometimes the word “hello” or “goodbye” is also included.

What is known as a planchette is the small piece moved around the board, made from either wood or plastic. The board also has the nickname talking board. The boards themselves are generically mass produced and more elaborate ones have also been made. Remember to use these with caution, as you never know what might happen.

For those ladies interested, Roland is a down to Earth single father raising his 3 daughters. You can contact him through his website found HERE.

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