Unexplainable Orbs Hover Around Black Forest, Colorado

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For whatever different reason, many people who have come through Black Forest, Colorado have seen unexplainable orbs hovering and seemingly flying through the air. One family happened to capture these orbs on video, back in the early 1990’s.

There is very limited information about this seen video. However, what is known…is a family ended up capturing this with their installed security cameras. After this family moved to their new home in Colorado, they decided to take a trip to enjoy the countryside.

Eventually, they ended up in the mountains for a few days at campsite. When they returned home, they found out that some things changed including furniture moved. Most notably, the family heard strange noises around their home and even claimed to see shadowy type figures around. Whatever these things were, they were floating around in the air for a while.

orb paranormal black forest Colorado

The movements seen, are erratic…the way these orbs move, are quite unusual compared to others seen before. Some believe, these orbs are floating spirits manifesting themselves. This may be what these are…but like anything like this, it is difficult to know exactly what it might be.

There are quite a number of people, who believe this video footage to be one of the most believable paranormal orb sightings ever. Ever since it was released online, it has stumped people. Even skeptics alike, don’t know what to say about this. Most certainly, it is an amazing video sequence.

orb recorded black forest Colorado

One explanation about these orbs are them being ball lightning or St. Elmo’s fire. (A weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by a coronal discharge from a sharp or pointed object in a strong electric field in the atmosphere) These tend to be created by both volcanic eruptions and thunderstorms. There is definitely something going on in which science has no explanation for.

The following comment was made, “I am a HUGE skeptic of MOST everything. Over the years, this is the only video that has EVER stumped me. I don’t know what this is. However, I am happy to see just one thing that appears magic to my eyes. 🙂 This is insane. I wish I could find more info but it’s just not there.”

orb black forest Colorado

Perhaps this is nothing more than a clever camera trick, involving a moth insect, lighting and timing delays. This would account for the light trails and no movement from its wings. The frame rate of the camera, may not have been enough to catch the individual positioning of the wings. Instead of this, they appear in an arc formation. One person said, “It’s real. I’ve seen an orb and this is exactly what they look like. They move with volition.”

This is one of the most interesting paranormal clips to watch. Arguments can be made about this, but it points to real evidence of “something” there that isn’t human.

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